Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Lunatic

He was the best man I knew,
A born diplomat.
A self made man, full of content.
He stayed away from others, isolated,
Like living on an island of colors,
Where thrives only joy,
And no time to be sad.
He was never greedy, never angry,
And never was he tensed.
Always calm and thoughtful...
People never knew him...
Neither did they want to.
So they called him mad..
But he seemed happy at it.
Still they put him in a cell..
A cell made in hell
I never felt the same way...
Never did I call him mad.
Still I was happy putting him in the cell...
The same cell as mine!!!

Mind, Eyes and Tears

Eye is like the earth...
When tears are like the ocean.
There is no moon here...
But just the emotion to cause tides.
There is land...
Of vivid coloured imaginations.
I boarded a ship...
To travel into my mind;
But I didnt see any colours,
Only an eternal darkness.
Was it 'coz of the night time?
Or was my mind blank??

Sensing You

I saw a rainbow,
Playing in your tears.
I saw a shadow,
Lurking behind your wide eyes.
I saw a red rose on your face,
When you grew angry at me.
And the best, was as ever your hand;
When I felt that slap on my face!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In Focus