Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Emotions the Outbreak

The snap came a little slanted. It was not intended as per the painting.

The Others

Thursday, January 11, 2007

When Earth Fell in Love

Earth was running,
Round and round the sun,
To show the endless love;
She had for him.
And finally he saw,
and called her to him,
To give her a hug.
And she ran to his arms,
not thinking of her children.
And they hug.
Coming out of his arms,
To see her old,
Full of wrinkles on her face,
Of deserts and more deserts.
And there was not a single child,
To cry with her,
At the moments of sorrow,
When even her tears were dry!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


I am back on my canvas (acrylic on canvas to be exact) sessions. After a long break, I painted (or tried to paint) some emotions I had to express.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Thought of scribing a serious subject, after a long time. This time its the discriminations in the society. India is one country which has a good reservation scheme in place for those who face discriminations. But is it actually helping who wants it or is it oppressing a clan of people who deserve it more? I am not mentioning about any religion or caste or any such man made barriers.

The actual barrier seperating the people is -
1. Money
2. Mentality
There is always rich and poor, as Earth is no Utopia. But many-a-times, may be, living in a middle class, I have seen that the people are more frustrated than oppressed by the money.

All these thoughts came to me today, when I visited my usual Kerala mess where I have my lunch. For a change I decided to go in my car, so that I can move to my office from there directly. Bangalore is quite popular for its parking problems. But luckily I was able to find an open space to park. Between my lunch, some localites came to the mess and asked whose car is parked improperly. The hotlier said there is no one here having a car. I said it is mine and I apologized for it and said I'll move it as my lunch is almost over. They went off saying 'OK'.

Feeling bad, I left my lunch half way through, and went back to the car. There were again few more localites near the car, as if they were at a crime scene or something. One of the youngest in the group started firing at me. I can only understand Kannada and not speak it. He was telling me that I have parked it improperly, it is their place and all. But it was an open space, near to the mess and I happened to realize that there was a small slum like dwelling in the back of the mess. I apologized again. Hearing me telling sorry, he started shouting angrily again, as if I had asked him to "**** off" (sorry for being so expressive). I did not intend to fight again. I silently took my car and drove off.

Who is the oppressed here? Who is being discriminated here? And did I do a true crime, which can't be forgiven, even if apologized?

Friday, January 05, 2007

When light turns,
Into the darkness;
When music fades,
Into eternal silence;
When truth is mesmerised,
By sweet lies;
Your love becomes,
The shadow of the dark.
Then every stab you give
Is the bitter sweet kiss
I longed for.
Still I hold on,
To the love,
I have for you;
Like a child,
Longing for a star!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Like a breeze you came,
But without a whisper;
Soaked in the light,
Of a shining moon.
You entered my life,
In a way I never knew;
And it was too late,
When I realized,
That I've been robbed,
Of my precious tears!
And deprived of tears,
I had to smile, out aloud!!