Saturday, November 28, 2009

a different waltz

I waltz,
With my shadow,
When they are long,
To hold my hand;
Into the night.

I dance to the whispers
Of wind passing by.
I hum notes of joy,
For having you close by.

Twilight ends,
And comes a time,
When I part with you again,
Silently, into the night.

random thought - haiku

Little box,
Where numbers, they live,

infinite nothing

Time and space
Oh, from an endless reservoir,
Yet we cry
The dearth of it all.

Beyond what we can reach
Beyond what we can see.

How can it be,
Something so vast,
Can be,
So scarce?


lazy mornings - haiku

Here comes the morning,
Please let me stay a bit more,
Under my blanket!

lost time - haiku

Pity me,
My basket of time,
Got stolen!