Friday, November 18, 2005

God and the Mango Tree

Its a topic everyone avoids in discussions. When there are fanatics, they often get exceptionally heated up. Still, this, I believe I will let it out.The concept of God always has controversies.

For me, God is like a mango tree. Yes, it gives me lot of sweet mangoes and also those that are wrotten (but not intentionally by the mango tree). It doesnt make sense to stand infront of the mango tree idle and pray for mangoes to be received. Expect no magic. Stop the blunder. Just get into work-clothes. Get yourself clad with mud. Work on it, water it. Yes, then there will be mangoes; again never in the next second.Priests preach of heavens and life after death. But who needs a heaven after death, why not make the world we live itself the heaven. Nobody cares (to put, me also included) what is written in Bible or Quaran or Gita. Yet they preach religion, giving fallacious promises. The words given in these holy books are the essence to make this world the one and only heaven, may it be said by God himself or someone else.
Being an agnostic, I never have any intentions on breaking any one's beliefs or trying to convince those who dont have one. Its just my own "paradox".

Wednesday, November 09, 2005