Monday, December 31, 2007

Yearpost - Tagged!!

Thanks to Manisha, I am back with another tag. The soliloquy follows..

· What had you done in 2007 that you had never done before?
Lot of things, good and bad. First time booze. A dinner out with a girl (not a date though, heard that her boyfriend didnt talk to her for a while after we had the dinner - i think it was the food ..). Have never had fought with a girl in my life, now that too happened (for petty reasons though, I never grow up). A great achievement was solving the Rubik's cube for the first time. I was on cloud number nine that day.

· What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?
I'd like to have more hours in a day, more days in the year, and more holidays than working days!

· What do you wish you had done more of 2007?
Growing up!

· What song(s) will always remind you of 2007?
I have seen too much of hell and heaven!

I guess I am not that great a music composer! Any filmi offers contact me at my mail id (xx@yy.zz)

· What date from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory and why?
I have never been good at numbers. I guess it was the date I signed a cheque for 2008, seriously wishing afterwards, he should have torn it off, and not kept it with him!

· What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Finally I got one (more) hair on my beard!

· What was the best thing you got in 2007?
I didn't get anything that great. But there is one gift worth mentioning. My cousin on his marriage day got a gift from some one, a "Good Night" mosquito coil. How well picked a gift!

· What places did you visit this year?
Office, and rarely home.

· What was the best book you read in 2007?
Blindness by Jose Saramago, Hungry Tide by Amitav Gosh and Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, they are my favourites. For suggesting the blindness book, I thank Sashu.

· What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I didn't do much to celeberate, but the whole world did -- 07/07/07. Old, I guess atleast one year older than I already was, the gray hair strand proves it too..

· What do you wish you had done less of in 2007?
Eating. I have been making a financial tallying for year 2007, and the maximum amount I've spent is on food. Money wasted, since after all these, I lost 3 kgs.

· What was your favorite film this year?
Bhagam Bhag. It was awfully bad. How can a movie like this run at box office, and worser, how can people roll on the stomach and laugh for jokes that literally makes one cry.

· Who did you miss the most among relatives and friends?
I miss quite a few of my friends. I guess they had a party the night I moved out from their apartment.

· What did you hate most about yourself this year?
That ugly looking man running in my shoes. The sole reason for all my worries..

· Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
A post-bath-realization of having a bathroom window open. Why did I have to notice that? I would have slept sound otherwise!!

· If you could go back in time to any moment of 2007 and change something, what would that be?
Just this right moment, watching the expression on my manager's face, as he kept watching me blogging during office hours.. (just kidding)..

· Did you do any act of benevolence this year?
Yup. Fed a belly with an unsatiable appetite. It is not my mistake if that belly belongs to me!

· My 2008 wish list:
1. More girls join my team.
2. Beautiful girls don't go to the other team.
3. A little more courage to look at a girl's face and talk! :-P
Ref: Epimendes Paradox

Friday, December 28, 2007

rubik's cube

Fiddling around,
Moving piece-by-piece,
My fingers play,
With the rubik's cube.

They traverse,
A million times,
All the six faces.

They find their place,
In due time,
The one they deserve.

Some fit in,
Some fall out,
I cull those out,
That never comes my way.

Lies my cube,
Some cubes pulled,
Rest of them, right in place,
Call it success - just like my life!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Walking back..

Down the old road;
Under the same trees.

A strange feeling,
Ebulliating my soul..
A strange quiver,
Running through my nerves.

Ten years hence,
I am back in my school,
Taking the stroll,
To a class that was mine.

Saw the bench,
That was mine,
Saw the marks,
That still remains.

The brief visit,
It ends so soon.
Like my school days,
Sweet and short.

Take the way out, I,
How many more years,
Before, I take this road again;
How many lives,
Before I am born a kid again!!


Monday, December 24, 2007

can't love you dear..

On the phone,
A lady speaks,
Of love,
She has for me!

In her talks,
She propounds,
Why her love,
Is never returned!

My heart is filled,
With love to the brim.
All the time, I wanted to say,
Dear I love you till I die!

But all along, and all the while,
I knew the call, it was a wrong number
A love,
That never will fruition!


shedding off love

I am learning to sleep
With dreams no more,
I am learning to live
Without you any more.

`Cause every dream I had,
You did come along.
Every moment I lived,
I had you by side.

Now I've found a life,
Without you anymore,
Why do you come,
Again, knocking at my door!?


jigsaw puzzle

I listen to the bell
For the postman to ring
I wait at the door,
For the letter he will bring!

Not a love letter,
My heart craves for
None the less, a life's letter;
My heart will die for.

My progress card is on the way,
That my mom should never see.
So I snatch it,
And tear it before the read!

Torn into pieces,
Was a letter of merit,
Never read, and never seen,
It's now torn asunder!

Fitting the pieces,
I play the puzzle-
A jigsaw,
My heart will die for!!


living tears

Tears live,
When you cry,
And when you smile,
They dry and die.

vagrant thoughts..

A valentine's day;
A stroll down the park;
Holding each other!

A gentle breeze,
Strokes my hair,
Runs off with my wig,
And off my lover too goes!!


blinded thoughts..

Born to the blind,
She was their light,
Holding their hands,
She was their guide.

Dotty she was,
Eloping with her dote.
To the bird's dulcet cries,
'nother morning wakes!

Blind they were,
To see they were alone!
When their tears did pour,
The whole world turned blind!

When lovers, they cried,
"Love is blind!"
Blindness, asks-

"Born blind or gone blind?"


Thursday, December 13, 2007

feeling time..

The bud,
of tomorrow;
As a flower, it blossoms,
and today is born.
Petals crumbled,
they fade, into yesterdays!

Sorrows remains,
sympathies fades,
and smiles;
They are, always forgotten!!


A Random Thought (4)..

My life,
found its lines.
But there are no colours!

My stars,
found their sky,
But there is no night!

My dreams,
found my life,
But an insomniac, I became!

My love,
found its elixir,
But she gave me poison!

Now I sit sleepless,
under a starless sky,
All my life, dreaming of love!!


A Random Thought (3)..

A plank is laid,
the scene is set;
People are cheering,
something's about to happen!

Appears a lady,
in her rags,
holding a child,
and the cheering grows!

Sun, about to set,
as if closing his eyes.
And waves grow, feets high,
trying to swallow their ship!

On to the plank,
she is pushed.
A sword's tip,
leading her on.

The last breath,
the last tear; In despair,
she looks at the baby,
the sweetest thing on earth.

She plunges,
ocean, she recieves her,
as her own daughter,
and to the bottom, she's carried!

Her spirits never died,
seeking revenge, she wanders,
the seven oceans,
capsizing ships, ending lives!

In her breath,
born are tsunamis
On her command,
wakes up hurricanes.

Mankind, wicked as always,
she, powerful as ever,
lives on,
paths crossing each other.

And every time,
a lesson taught,
is a lesson forgotten,
'cause man, he can never learn!


A Prodigy's Life

In the middle of a stage,
a young kid sits.
To his little fingers' rhythm,
a symphony plays.

Born a prodigy,
Drawn to the limelight.
He is, still a kid;
But a man in a kid's shoe.

In the middle of the world,
grows up the prodigy,
Innocence tarnished,
Never by the fame!

A young man he becomes,
Still the fame his heart craves,
Fear grows in his mind,
And in the shadows he hides.

A mother keeps watching,
All the time wondering,
Why my son was granted,
A prodigy's life!


slipped and fell..

Who left,
that banana peel,
right in my way!

Stepped on it,
I fell headlong..

Into the night,
I fell asleep,
Slipping into a dream


Thursday, December 06, 2007

a random thought..

A plank is laid,
the scene is set;
People are cheering,
something's about to happen!

Appears a lady,
in her rags,
holding a child,
and the cheering grows!

Sun, about to set,
as if closing his eyes.
And waves grow, feets high,
trying to swallow their ship!

On to the plank,
she is pushed.
A sword's tip,
leading her on.

The last breath,
the last tear; In despair,
she looks at the baby,
the sweetest thing on earth.

She plunges,
ocean, she recieves her,
as her own daughter,
and to the bottom, she's carried!

Her spirits never died,
seeking revenge, she wanders,
the seven oceans,
capsizing ships, ending lives!

In her breath,
born are tsunamis
On her command,
wakes up hurricanes.

Mankind, wicked as always,
she, powerful as ever,
lives on,
paths crossing each other.

And every time,
a lesson taught,
is a lesson forgotten,
'cause man, he can never learn!


a random thought..

A plank is laid,
the scene is set;
People are cheering,
something's about to happen!

Appears a lady,
in her rags,
holding a child,
and the cheering grows!

Sun, about to set,
as if closing his eyes.
And waves grow, feets high,
trying to swallow their ship!

On to the plank,
she is pushed.
A sword's tip,
leading her on.

The last breath,
the last tear; In despair,
she looks at the baby,
the sweetest thing on earth.

She plunges,
ocean, she recieves her,
as her own daughter,
and to the bottom, she's carried!

Her spirits never died,
seeking revenge, she wanders,
the seven oceans,
capsizing ships, ending lives!

In her breath,
born are tsunamis
On her command,
wakes up hurricanes.

Mankind, wicked as always,
she, powerful as ever,
lives on,
paths crossing each other.

And every time,
a lesson taught,
is a lesson forgotten,
'cause man, he can never learn!


Monday, December 03, 2007


physically blind!
morally blind;
some try to be blind,
keeping their eyes closed!

At times, we do all,
tend to be blind!
And one day, we all will be;
Buried six feet under!


Friday, November 30, 2007

missing her..

Walking by the aisle
where she once sat.

Hoping for the glances,
that she once gave.

Hoping to see
the sweet face, once again.

I, still
keep walking the longer route.
that passes by her aisle.

And in the empty space,
she still lives!
And she even smiles at me,
like never before!

If I ever get to see her again,
will I turn a coward again,
as I always used to;
Dumbfolded by her beauty!!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

dead or alive

Caught alive,
I was,
caged in a mirror!

Shot to death,
I was,
stuck to a photograph!!


Monday, November 26, 2007


They dance,
to the music,
they dance.

Holding the lamps,
measuring the steps,
they dance.

The timing,
the rhythm,
the feet,
still does the feat!

Just that the dancers,
will never see,
the tears,
that rolled down my cheeks.

They dance,
holding the lamp,
the light that they
never will feel,

They dance!

When the feat is done,
I clap, and I clap again,
'cause, that's all that they will feel
that's all that can cheer
the two dancers,
the bravest I have seen!


Note: This is out of an experience I had over the last weekend. A synchro dance performance, just that both the dancers were visually impaired. The sight dumbstruck me. The rhythm and the synchronization inspired me to every moment, they performed on the stage. These dancers are trained by a trust, who does such a commendable service on similar lines, achieving what we feel almost impossible! The trust's link is this:

tears of a cloud..

The bottled cloud,
began to cry.

In its sorrow,
a rain was born.

Rained and rained,
filling the bottle;
Pushing the cap,
and popping it open!

Now in the wake,
of the new found freedom
water waits,
for another sunrise.

To dry up the sorrow,
and make them smile,
into a cloud;


needs and wants..

I don't want
another today!
I will live,
in my yesterdays!!

I don't want
to get you back!
and all I want,
is another you!!

No one will
cry my tears!
So I'll ask you all,
to smile at my jokes!!


random thought

Longed for the star,
and sky said it cant part!

Longed for a rainbow,
and rain drops said,
it is theirs!

Wished for a laugh,
but the clown told,
he owns the jokes!

Almost had a life,
when death said,
I'll take it back from you!

Last, but not the least,
wished to be loved,
when her boyfriend said,
she is, but, his!

To all, just one reply!
These wishes are mine;
pinned to my heart!

And one day,
I'll drench in the rains,
drops sparkling like stars;
Me, laughing out loud,
and dying in my lover's lap!!


to a better use..

Could have flown,
faster than a bullet!

Could crossed,
seven seas in a leap!

Could have stopped
a running train!

I would have done,
all these,
if I hadnt spent my energy,
trying to convice you of my love!



Just another day,
me at the spirit shop!

A man come in,
seeking the spirit's bless.

Bottle one,
and bottle two;
Now he is high
and flying, in the sky!

Cashier now realises,
his need for a pair of wings;
To fly to this spiritual man,
and make him pay for it all..

All these, I see,
in my bottle, whose count
I've lost long long back!

And I then ask the man,
when will I get to fly!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

exam season..

Spring season,
my classroom days were!
I, trying to follow
the flower's scents!

Just that the flowers,
were worn by beautiful girls!

Summer comes,
and its time to play
Just that it is called,
study holidays!

Autumn comes,
at the end of holidays;
when falls my hope,
to clear any exam!

Winter arrives,
chilling my thoughts,
seeing the question papers.
How to spend three hours
in that exam hall
fly swatting!

Exams comes and exams go,
Just like the seasons,
they always return;
Just that,
every time for me,
it remains the same paper,
and the same subject!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

random thought..

the eddies..
I drown..
Growing heavier,
I drown..
I will rise again,
cleansed of your sins,
and I'll shout at you,
for making me your - "dirty laundry";
The scape goat,
of your new washing machine!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

key-hole views..

through a keyhole;
to the world inside;

I think!

I grew weary
of the sight.

the key inside.
Locked safely,
behind the door;

that I am,
locked out
safer than the key!


a summit attempt..

I know,
one more step,
Just one more
is all that's needed.

My legs, they tremble.
My fingers, they are raw.
Everything is failing,
Just the desire, drives..

With all my strength,
I push my fears aside.
Mistake is last thing,
that I can afford.

Climb on, my mind says..
Here I am, now at the summit.
Closer to the sky,
one more summit, I've done.

I scream, freedom.
A bird flies by,
and asks,


who is it?

Night falls..
Incandescent lamp
in my room, burns..
A wind blows,
the power goes..

A match stick glows..
In its light,
I see a pair,
of, magnificient eyes..

Wind blows, again,
the flame dies..
Darkness drinks,
the last drop of light..

the cat cries,
and runs away,
to some place well lit..


just once..

The last thing,
I want to see
before I fall asleep
is to get a glimpse of you!

The last thing,
I want to hear
is to hear you hum
that song, once again!

Every night,
I wish,
if I had you
at my arm's reach.

Every night,
night after night,
I pray for a relief,
from the mosquito bite..


murder call..

I'll drown you
to the end of your life..

I'll drown you
from head to toe..

In the water clear
I'll watch you drown..

And then coming back,
my glass, filled with life!!


endless, tonight!!

I wish for this night,
never to end!
You and me, in this bed,
sharing time, till eternity!

I wish for this night,
never to end!
To hear your whispers,
playing in my ears!

You and me,
and the endless joys;
Let this night,
never end.

Dreams - dont leave me alone.
I need you, through my night,
till my sleep,
wakes me up!!

I know, still..

I know
the end is near.
The moments are few.
We will part
and follow our path.

I know its a sin
to still love you,
knowing that you are in love
with someone else.

I know it hurts,
to break a heart.
And love never comes
down the way of hurt.

I know
this could be the last ever smile
you will gift me,
that I will cherish.

I know
this could be the last few seconds
you will be standing,
by my side.

I know,
I have to hide,
my pain,
my tears,
and even my love!!



Eternal bliss,
with just two kiss!

when death kissed my life.

when that rose kissed my grave!

Andtoday, my soul,
kisses salvation!!


silence of a scape goat..

Wrongs you say,
is always right.

Rights I say,
is always wrong.

Answer me not,
'cause my questions are dumb.

Dont take my answers,
'cause they are always wrong.

So all the while, I say,
I am dumb-folded by love!



The long wait,
the hard struggle.
Drenched and waiting;
the umbrella opens!
And the rain stops!!


prayer of the hour

All I need,
is another me.

To share the pain
and share the joy..
To hope in vain
and still not cry!

All I need,
is another me;
To share my life,
that I get to live -

atleast, a second more!!


a thought on thoughts

My thoughts,
they dive
into the blue ocean..
Drinks away its blue!

It flies to the sky,
and whispers to the sky,
the secret,
to be blue..

The sun then comes,
in his reddish attire.
Stealing his clothes,
my thoughts run away..
And the sun hides,
behind the veil of the night.

Then my thoughts try,
to fly, far far away.
But a chain clings,
that says, the thoughts are still mine!!


my heaven..

When my mind,
is a hell,
how do I think?

When my home,
is a hell,
where do I live?

When my love,
turns to be a hell,
Why fear, of a fail?

when my God,
relocates to hell,
whom should I believe!!

So, now I say,
I've found my heaven.
But, just for a change,
its moved to hell!!


drinking silently

Sneak in,
through the kitchen door.
Open half,
the refridgerator door..
Stand by the side,
to hide the light..

Streches arms,
to get that wine bottle..
Having it,
how to open the cork

Let me shake,
shake shake,
and pull open the cork
Cork pops!

Mom and dad
rushes to the scene
"What are you doing
with that wine bottle?"



a random thought

creeps in..
still young..
how to get sleep..
I wait,
and finally,
The power-cut ends!!


waking up late

Waking up late,
I miss the sunrise,
still in its blushing red!
I miss the birds' songs,
singing from across my window
I miss the morning so pure,
Soaked in the tenderness of dews!!

Waking up early,
I miss the coziness,
curling under my favourite quilt!
I miss the snooze of my alarm
whining, to the knock on its head!
But what I miss the most..
Is my mom's words,
imploring me to get up, a million times over!!

a fear overwhelming

I can't hold.

Those eyes,

Her hands,
so soft and tender;
I cant help,
my fears.

Here comes,
the thrust,
the pain,
the blood.

Why am I so scared,
of injections!!


blind rains..

Sugarcane juice
when Sun is up
when it hides
behind the clouds

Sugar cane juice
he sells.
But his life,
never that sweet

It rains,
drenching him
making him run
and hide in a shade!

I see him
through my windshield.
Sitting in my car,
I can see him cry..

Are they tears?
Or are they rain drops
blindly falling on him,
like me,
seeing, but still blind!!


easy way out

A slip,
a drop..

It falls,
it bounces..

Comes back,
and hits.

Now dead,

My words,
my assassins!!


Spark of Innovation

A sudden thought
a sudden enlightenment.
The spark..
Yes I have gained it.
Knowledge I asked for,
emotions i seeked,
Everything in a second,
how, but, I wondered,

The coconut was still there,
reminding me,
the days of Newton.


childhood memories..

My love for red,
love to be in rain,
love to be naughty,

The child in me,
has never died.

Shooting the silly doubts
that no one did answer
Playing in puddles,
filled with laughter..

The child in me,
is still not dead.

Some colours have faded,
some remains as stains.
Like an old abandoned canvas
tarnished by sun and rains.

Like my childhood dream,
I have become..
And my dream to be a child,
I can never be, again!!


slow clock

When time of mine,
is running so slow..
When every second
runs in years..

When thoughts,
quit flying,
and they walk,
to their nests..

I say..
I am in love,
and I say,
I am hoping,
to find you, my love!!


Free Falling

Thirteenth floor.
A sudden urge,
to jump and dive.
Wanted to know,
what end of life is!
Wanted to test,
if God can save me!!

God showed me the way;
A window.
Up on this thirteenth floor.
No time to waste!
I jumped,
through the window!

The pain extruciating,
when I got to know..
the window,
was closed!!!


A dedication

had the most beautiful smile,
I had ever seen.

I was amazed,
the first time he called me uncle.

Still remember the day
he soaked my trousers.

My dear,
I miss your smiles.
No word
can express the love,
I had for you..

Every night,
every star
as they twinkle
I see you smile at me,
from that heaven of yours!


For a nephew I lost when I was 13 yrs old!

Shattered Love

An hour,
was in love
with the hour
that came next!

Comes second,
the new found love
of every hour.

The hours fight,
over the minute,
Finally the minute leaves,
with its new found love - seconds!

Into minutes,
and even seconds!!


Pole to Pole

Storms start.
Oceans rise.
Ice breaks..
falling in each other

had told me,
she and I
are poles apart.

She and I,
we fall in a kiss.

melting in each other!!!


Voices inthe Dark

Middle of the night,
my friend,
wakes me up.
shakes me up;
up from my sleep.

His face, frightned.
A voice!!
He was going crazy.
And asked me
to stay awake,
And be with him!

Through the night,
a sleepless night,
I stayed awake;
And he fell asleep,
like a child!
I, waited for the voice,
In vein,

Next morning,
he thanks me,
for being awake
Not snoring!!


Home Sweet Home

Some time,
some day,
I know,
I'll find my way home.

A home,
far away;
Where grass,
is still green.

Till then,
I'll be in my chair,
How will i
find my way home!!


Monday, September 24, 2007

My girlfriends..

I had one
millionaire girl friend!
She wanted to know
the meaning of broke!
So never she had any penny with her!
And gave me the chance
to pay her bills!!

I had one
mediocre girl friend!
She wanted to be
as pompous as ever!
Costly attires and exotic cuisines,
were her weaknesses, I have to mention!
And as ever, I was so lucky
to pay her bills!!

I had one
girlfriend, who never had a penny.
She wanted to have
a very normal life..
Sold herself to any human soul
who could pay her, a single penny!
This time I was never lucky,
she never showed me her bills!!


Journey of words

I think,
when I talk
and when I am not heard,
where my words go!

The void,
it kills my words.
And sucks its juice;
Juice of meaning!

Eating it
with the highest devour,
the void remains,
waiting there,
with its open mouth,
for my next word!!


The battle

The was
has begun
Once in
the ring,
there is no count out;
Only knock outs.

One by one,
stood alone,
battering them.
Getting up,
my box of chocolates!!


Trail of tears..

She cried,
rolling down her cheek.

That trail of tears,
ran down my heart,
Leaving the burns along the way!

I never knew
the pans had tears..
And boiling water,
spilled and burnt!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perfect timing

Got his tools
and he was ready.
Not a second to waste,
he ran in
right to the first house, he saw..

Robber was ready
high hopes
of easy money
running thorugh his head..

Minutes passed,
the sun flashes in..
The eclipse was over,
so was the robber's take!

Whispered secrets

Winds whisper,
and the candle light, nods!
Whisper of rain drops,
leaves dance to it!
When night whispers,
the stars, they wink and smile!

Pains, they whisper,
and tears, they sparkle!
Alas, when death whispers,
life, it gives way!!

Moonly thoughts..

atop the moon.
the milk, drop by drop.

day by day;
From full moon to new moon.

I fall,
into the ocean.
Next night, he comes back..
With a naughty smile;

Up in the night sky!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

silence of await..

Sky, wait!
Earth, waits!!
Trees dance..
Finally, rain falls!!

I wait!
My soul waits!!
My love, expressed..
Finally, the slap falls!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lucky old sun

Oh, that lucky old sun
Doesn't have to do anything
Than roll around the heaven
All through the day!!

Runs away, he,
at the break of the night,
scared of the demons and spirits
Loitering around in the dark.

Leaving the world alone,
Sun, he, sprees away,
Afraid of the dark,
Every day.

lost and found

Searched here
searched there..

Never found it,

In my pocket
in my shelf..

In my book
nor on paper

And here it
in front of you..

Alas I found,
the poem,
I was looking for!!

And it rained!!

Stuck amidst the branches,
was the dark cloud.

Wind was fierce,
and it had to rain!

Rains, it fell,
just over the tree.

The boy was sitting,
under the shade.

And rains, it fell,
over the boy.

Got washed away,
his tears..

He, to smile!!

everyone's writ!!

Write with the ink of tears..

Correct with the power of smiles..

Embibe with the fire of anger;

The journey of life!!



The last drop,
of a broken water clock!

The last grain,
forgotten to be emptied,
off an hour glass..

A shadow,
with its source!


Soul of my everyday greed!!






and I,




Passed the door,
and closed as i crossed.
I open the door,
hearing a knock.

I see my shadow
across the door;
Knocking to pass
and run to my feet!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

worst of my fears!

Lord, I stand,
against the faceless man!!

Like, the worst
of my fear.

Unable to read,
what he feels,

I am stranded,
I am afraid!!

I smile.

Like caught in a whirlpool
it disappears.

The faceless man,
he stands across me!

Afraid I am,
Unable to make him smile,
or even cry!!

divinity, sold!!


used me
till my money was over!

Used me,
till my time was wasted!

Used me,
till I was out of my own space!!

No more..! I say!!
Now I get a board,
with the last of my penny..
"Pay and Use"!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Snow Desert

Walking alone,
across this desert of snow.
with my burden of life.

In tears,
I am.
Tears drop
And they freeze.

My feet bleeds
cut by my frozen tears.
Snow turns red,
revealing my trail.

I walk ahead.
I never look back..
But I still hope, someday,
someone, will come, seeing my trail!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

euphoria, why?

Feeling high..
I am addicted
to this feeling
of a quirky pleasure

The ripples
wetting my feet
the splash
drenching me wholly

The rhythm
the repertoire
so sombre
I am in euphoria

I could make out the lyrics
they were words of hurt
Dropped in my mind..

The ripples
of pain were born
drenching me wholly!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Born ignorant
had to learn life.
Learnt the first word
from my mother.
Taught me my first steps,
my father.
And then came the journey
in tears, every day to school..

Learnt a lot
even to get over the tears..
Learnt the words
I am writing with..
Learnt rights and wrongs
and learnt to correct
the from wrongs to rights..

And then a point came
when i had no teachers
left with life
alone to learn!!

Learning never stops
and the first few steps
makes all the difference

And I fold my hands
in courtesy and respect
to all who taught me
and made me what I am!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

around the world in...

i set forth the sail
the ship on its way

the paper boat
with sailor ants..

around the world
a journey so long!!

i sat at the shore
seeing them off

i still sit at the shore
waiting for them to come back!!

will they?

the ants of thoughts,
they never bite..
the paper boat of dreams,
it never will sink!!

in love..

wanted to be in love,
waiting to be loved!

and fell off,
the love..

on my way down..
i found my love,
falling down
with me..

but here he comes,
her true love..
flies back, he
with she, in his arms!!

fall down i did,
and falling down i am
an endless fall,
with the flow of life!



thrown at me,
under an aegis of belief!!

throw at me;
no, i wont falter
my belief stays!!

never changes,
but will bounce
off a harder shell -



world of words..

Sit by the words,
travel by the poem,
never miss the sceneries,
you can never get it else where.

Rebels and revolts,
rhymes and fairy tales,
all will come,
just keep watching!!

Through that window-
and run to a new world
poetry through words..

And now i surely do miss..
the English alphabet classes..
I bunked in the prime
of my kindergarten days!!


Friday, August 24, 2007

dining with love..

A dinner
A table
just for two..
An order
for french champagne,
and another,
Italian pasta!

Something new
I'vent asked for..


Dropping down,
over our table..
the champagne crucible,
half empty to full!!

The perfect ambience
for eternal romance!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hare and the tortoise..

The race was on again,
Me the tortoise, and him the hare!

Had read the story,
I, already!
Hoping to win
I was in this race too!

Had read the story,
him, too..

The race to win
the love of our hearts!

My tiny legs,
and my tortoise pace
failed to take me
to her ahdead of him!

Lost in the race,
lost to get a love!
My tortoise pace,
will never win a race!!


I thought love was true..
I thought love was eternal..

Never knew love lasts,
only till my hair lasts..

Every morning, i used to wake up,
to the sweet kiss you had for me!

And now growing bald,
you left me in a corner..

I am still so happy for you
that you found another love!

Another toothbrush,
the one that hasnt gone bald!!

But where is the love, you had for me?
Come, take a look at me once in a while!!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I flew to the moon,
and swam in its milky ocean!

I went to the sun,
and dried my bedraggled linen!

I heard the joke,
and I shared the star's grin!

And drowned in your love,
I saw all heavens!!
Couldn't hold it any more,
like a balloon,
with so much air

Going to explode i was!
Filling into me,
faster than i could expel
were emotions,
that I had to give off
as smiles and tears,
anger and grins

Oh! life..
keep filling my life;
my empty crucible
with the wine of emotions!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eternal Love?

Here she comes,
plucks a flower..
The flower,
the blossom of the day..

Here comes he,
she gives him the flower..
Says thanks, he
tasting the divine fragrance..

Love is found
Love is shown..
No more flower
It is no more needed..

Flower falls off
his hands, no one sees
falls the flower
over the plant!!

Here she comes,
plucks a flower..
Yet another flower,
blossom of yet another day..

Monday, August 13, 2007

a child and the night!!

with its lofty foot steps
comes and wakes up
the sleeping child

shows him
the dark sky
it had spread

shows him
the moon smiling
and the stars grinning

Sleepy child
rubs his eyes
tries to stay awake
with his curious eyes drooping!!

Falls asleep, he
still with a smile
on his innocent face

kisses him good bye
and goes away with his dark blanket
giving him yet another day, to play, and smile!!

a dedication..

I want to be a child again
in my parent's arms
I want to be the child again
giving my parent's the smile

I want to be my momma's child
feeling safe, sleeping like a baby
in her arms
head on her lap

I want to be the kid, who
my father taught to walk
with whom who fought,
pretending that he lose every time!

Oh, time..
can I be a child again
curious about the world
untouched by its evils!!

Oh, time...
make me a better man,
for my mom and dad..
Give me stronger hands
that they feel safe and secure
and sleep on my shoulders,
untouched by the world's evils!!

crying for you..

walk forward
dont look back

dont see me in tears
dont turn back

'coz i cant stand
seeing you in tears,

dear, oh! im so helpless
to cry with you any more
'cause im already crying
i'm already in tears

known - unknown..

a bus
with a white board

destination unknown

with a single seat

just for me..

to a place unknown
along the places i knew
with faces i know, along the way..

to the hue of fantasy
to the feel of happiness..

it was the bus
of sleep..
taking me along
scenic views of amazing dreams!!

a joke's life..

the poor joke
didnt get a smile

it was on the run
to meets its life's destiny

had to find a smile
to end its life with

it did finally find
a smile running ahead of it

and it did chase
and run up to the smile!!

and the story ends,
ending the joke, with a smile..

Sunday, August 12, 2007


a foggy window..
a small finger..
drawing figures!!

mist again..
under the mist again..

in me..
never quits
again and again..

new born tears
billowing water drops
falls off the end
of a fading drawing!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

in my garden of thoughts..

yet another dawn breaks
one more flower blooms,

the billowing dew,
so austere its beauty

a bird on some far off branch
taught by the nature, sings at his best

its the dawn of my thought
a poem just like the flower

the words accruing in
pouring the poem, its flesh and blood..

and yet another reader wakes up
to the dawn of my poem!!


paper clock

light is falling
on the old paper

casting shadows
of my own words

and growing longer
are the shadows

making me wonder
how fast the time passes by

turning yellow
the scribbled pages

telling me the fact
even I am growing older!!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wishing if...

How can i feel you
and wipe away your tears

Those same tears
throwing shivers, even through the fire

And there you stood,
lit in a yellow glow

By my funeral pyre,
and me, dying,

a million times more,
for every tear that falls down!!

never lost!!

i never lost it,
some one found it!
found it more useful
so he just stole it!!

i never lost it,
it just moved on,
just like the flow
from jug to a glass!!

i never lost my love
but someone else loved her more!!
i never lost my life
it was a journey, my soul was destined for!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

last man standing!!

Alone in a strange land
it fought for the values it served

Holding together
the thoughts it served

Clinging on
to the beliefs it had

It was the last man standing
and finally he too fell off!!

He was the last screw
that my mind had to call me sane!!


My first tag ever, thanks to busywriter!! :o)


1. Smoked a cigarette?:

Yes. The chilling winters of Manali did make me taste the feel of a cigarette!! But the first one was not that.

When I was around 4 years old, I used to have a habit of carrying around cigarettes, when ever I could get my hands on one. Once my dad and my uncle decided to make me quit. They made me smoke one, I coughed and coughed and finally did quit picking cigarettes!

2. Stolen a car?: Better than stealing. My cousin's car got locked with his keys inside, an old Maruti 800. So finally we couple of fellas literally broke into the car. Sushhhh... did I tell that out!! Oops, I wasnt supposed to!! ;o)

3. Shoplifted?: Never... had a chance!! :o)

4. Been in a fist fight? I am no big time bully, but the one I can still remember was when I was in third grade. Me and a classmate of mine, fought for some silly reason which I can't remember. But, what I do remember is the punishment, which was the worst one I (and my friend) ever had, be in the class without our (torn) shirts for the whole day, and to add, had to keep wearing that tie!!

5. Snuck out of your parent's house?: Never had a chance because an ever agreeing parents. Thanks to them!! :o)

6. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Yes, a huge crush!! Lucky I was wearing a helmet.

7. Been arrested?: Nopes. Here in this part of the world, not even the politicians are getting arrested, then how me!!

8. Gone on a blind date?: Better, I will drive, blind folded!! :o)

9. Skipped school?: My mom used to say, when I was in my KG class, my condition for going to the school on a day was that I wont be asked to go to the class the next day, and more importantly, the teacher won't teach me a thing!! And it worked like that for more than a year!! Lucky me, how I ever had a chance to do schooling with that KG conduct certificate!!

10. Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: I had and do have a fascination towards flames and fire. But this stunt, I never have tried. There is a border line between being adventurous and stupid, I believe!!

11. Been jet-skiing?: Not yet!! I would do sky diving than jet skiing. 'Coz you can never complain about a faulty parachute in sky diving!! :o)

12. Met someone in person from the Internet?: Yup. Not just one, many - from the Ah, Poetry community on orkut. That was one of the best get together I ever had.

13. Flown a kite?: I've had tried making a kite of my own with newspaper, as a kid. Only then I got to know kites require special paper, else it won't fly. I think I learnt it the hard way!! :o)

14. Built a sand castle?: Nopes sands was never good with me!!

15. Gone puddle jumping?: Oh, I just love it. Now, the improvised version of it. Driving my bike or car through a puddle, but scared of the hidden potholes though!!

16. Cheated while playing a game?: Cheating - I guess it depends on the mood, and the partner!!

17. Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: Oh man, that is what classes in the afternoon are meant for!! Grow up people!!

18. Used a fake ID?: Nopes!! No faking to fake as a faker!!

19. Felt an earthquake?: No, but missed a tsunami though, when I was living at Pondicherry. I was sound asleep on a Sunday morning. Mom called me up early in the moring to know if I was all right. She heard the news of tsunami affecting a lot of places over the eastern coast of India. I still wonder, if I had been swept by the tide, what my reply would have been - "mommie, I can talk when I am swimming. Ill park myself at some shore and will return you the call!!" LOL

20. Touched a snake?: Have worn a python around my neck and I still have that snap!!

21. Slept beneath the stars?: Childhood day memories again. Me, mom and dad, sleeping at the open terrace, staring at the stars, hearing the dance of coconut trees to the breeze..

22. Been robbed?: yup. The security person at the supermarket stole my iPod from the bag, I handed over to him before entering the store!! I think the security guard secured it, better than me for sure!!

23. Been misunderstood?: yup, even better, misinterpreted!! My ex-company, I went to work there on a Saturday, and went over to park the bike at the two wheeler parking lot. Security guard said, only employees are permitted to park here. I showed him my id. He literally looked at me and the photograph with a look as if, what this kid is doing here, with a bike!!

24. Won a contest?: Yeah. Once I got a call saying that I have won a contest and has got a free holiday at Malaysia. But the catch was that I never had participated, nor had I even heard of the contest. That was scary!!

25. Been suspended from school?: Had been thrown out of the class, but never out of the school, luckily. I was thrown out of the class for not having my drawing book. I stood the entire hour outside the class, and finally i came to realize that the book was there in between the pages of another larger book!!

26. Been in a car accident?: No, but a bike accident- yes! And was a hairline escape too, with a broken - jaw, neck cartilege, wrist; punctured knee cap, and around 9 stitches on my chin!! Will that do!!?

27. Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: No pints. I had finished a pack of 1.5 liters of ice cream in one go! I hope that is good enough!!

28. Walked the streets drunk?: Yup, once. Back in the streets of Manali. My friends had a bad time holding me from jumping off the edge of the road, where there was a gorge, and a river flowing way below!! That was my first booze in life, all with just a beer!!

29. Had déjà vu?: Not exactly, atleast not with someone like me who tries to push off fate controlling my life!!

30. Danced in the moonlight?: Me, dancing? That too in moonlight!!? What's the music, dogs howling!!? :o)

31. Squished barefoot through the mud?: Its just the initial inertia, once you get into the mud, you start loving the sensation!! Atleast I did!! But mom, didnt when I got inside the house with the same pair of legs!! :o)

32. Been lost?: I'm almost always lost in thoughts, especially when I am attending serious lectures!!

33. Swum in the ocean?: Yup. I think that's a nice way to dump a girlfriend!!

34. Cried yourself to sleep?: No, I cant do two things at a time - cry and be sleepy!!

35. Played cops and robbers?: Yes, best was inside the exam hall; me the cop and answers the robbers!!

36. Recently coloured with crayons?:Not exactly crayons, but I do work with oil pastels quite often!

37. Sung karaoke?: Me, singing? Check for the previous post in my blog. Nothing more to say!!

38. Paid for a meal with only coins?: Never the whole amount. For just coins I won't even get to smell food now-a-days, be how much ever the rupee value gain compared to dollars!!

39. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: I guess so. Going back to the door I locked, to recheck, once, twice, thrice, first from the same floor back, then from the ground floor, and finally back from parking lot!! Man, I am really crazy at times!!

40. Made prank phone calls?: Have received a few. One that I remember, a guy called me up saying it was one of my classmate girl. She started from saying that "she" loves me. Suddenly her voice changed and became a male voice. Now the person at the other end became her brother. Again a voice change later, he became another guy in my class who took that I was in love with this girl, whom he was following. Now this is what i call double cross and tripple cross!! :D

41. Written a letter to Santa Claus?: May be to Albert Einstein, but not to Santa Claus!!

42. Blown bubbles?: Oh, yes, I tried that with my mouth once when I was a kid, and for that trick, I had a bite of a soap too!! :o)

43. Bonfire on the beach?: Never been on a beach at the night, even putting the fact that beach is just a 20km drive from my house!!

44. Cheated on a test?: Never, but tests have cheated me a lot of times!! LOL

45. Skinny-dipping in a pool?: I am a little hesitant to do that!!

Let the tag spread, writer to reader!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

sa ri ga ma...

I was excited to hear that a Carnatic music class right in my office. Born to a passionate music lover dad and a great singer mom, I had no apprehensions with my singing skills. I was a little petrified that this was the first time I was going to let someone else hear my singing skills.

We few sat in a circle around Guruji. He said, first he have to check the pitch of each one, that he can club students of similar pitch together.

Incidentially, I was the one sitting next to Guruji. He asked me to start with. Shying, I said, I'll sing at the end, thinking that I'll get some time to compare my inborn skills with the rest of the pack.

Take 1:
Guruji: "I'll sing sa re ga ma. Just sing the same way as i do".
First disciple: "Instead can I sing a hindustani song?"
At the nod of Guruji, he sang a song.
Guruji: "you sing so well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Just around for 10 years. Now I want to learn carnatic!"

No, I was not shocked!!

Take 2:
Guruji: "Now you sing as I sing."
Second disciple: "Ok, master."
He sings and she mimicks.
Guruji: "You also sings well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Yes. I have passed junior and senior grade of carnatic too. But I havent been singing for last 7 years or more. So I just wanted to recuperate on things."

Take 3:
Guruji: "Can we start."
Third disciple: "Sure."
After the session
Guruji: "Your shruti is good. You can learn things fast."
disciple: "My daughter sings. So I used to practice with her".
Guruji: "Then it should be good."

The story continues.


Take 10:
Guruji: "Now you'll sing right"?
Me: "No problem".
Guruji: "SAAAA.........."
Me: "saaaa..."

(Note the difference in tone). I could feel an expression on Guruji's face. I have never seen theis look on someone's face, as if they had seen a ghost. Suddenly it went off. He came to normal senses (with an expression, oh lord, let me try again).

Guruji:" RIIIIIIIIIII...."
Me: "riiiiiiiiiiii....."
Guruji: "what did you sing just now?"
Me: "ri saar".
Guruji: "You had to tell me that. I thought it was GA".
Me: "Ohh".

Guruji: "try at a different pitch - Saaaaaa"
Me: "saaaaa... " (same old pitch)
Guruji: "sAAAAAA...."
Me: "saaaaa...."
Guruji: "Well, I'd suggest, you better listen to some songs for a while and come back to me in say a couple of years". (he thought he mite not live so long or something of that sort).
Me: "........."

Class co-ordinator: "So you will be starting the classes next week, right?"
Guruji: "Due to unforseen circumstances, I need a vacation for one month!"
Co-ordinator: "Then when do we start!?"
Guruji: "Beginning of next month".

Me: Oh, man, what a great singer I am. Can some one create a magic better than this?

laugh at me!!

I am just another clown
making people smile

But I got no pranks
to make you smile,

Just some words
and a drop of wit!!

And it makes me glad
when I see you smile;

Forgetting the sorrows,
that sparked the writ!!

Still the cut bleeds,
and the wound pains!!
Still my face smiles,
sharing the laughter you served!!

Games God Play

Oh, God the games you play
and the wonders you do

i'm nothing but amazed
standing as a mere observer

you make things vanish in thin air
and you create things out of the vacuum

you come in forms,
and you play with our emotions

and now today, you made
my bike, disappear in thin air

and tomorrow ill get a gift,
scribed in a paper - a summons!!

and im so agog, you playing with my emotions,
with the deeds you do, through the hands of cops!!

Oh, God please make the cops
behave so normal

And let them take
The bribe, as normal as ever!!

ironic love!!

I'm in a trance,
every time i get a glance..

I know its mundane
for me to refrain..

All i need is to gain,
you without any more pain!!

After all, we all are so humane,
knowing you'll be our live's bane!!

Oh money, my life will be so dreadful,
if my purse aint full!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

silently waiting!!

How long have I waited,
Just to get a glimpse of you!!

How long I've waited,
Just to get a hold of you!!

I never knew,
How you got into my life!!

Breaking the silence of my nights,
Breaking the flow of my dreams!!

Oh, my rat, I'll catch you one day
and will throw you out of my house!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

everybody hurts!!

what will i do..
if i lose my stand in this world

what can i do
if no one wants to take me in

what will i do
if no one sees my tears

who will i run to..
where will i hide

ill hide behind my words
ill go under my shadow's blanket!!

everybody hurts..sometimes!!
and i do have to turn numb!!

peace by peace

lets have some peace
cut in piece

let's serve peace
piece by piece

so each piece
tastes of peace

and every one should
have their share of peace!!

Where is my God?

Who are you waiting for?
What are you praying for?

Havent you ever seen,
Havent you realised

God is long begone
He's no where to be found!!

His anarchist creations,
Toppled his throne!!

Even God could be hurt,
Even God does cry!!

You have seen the rains,
Haven't you!!?

a stranger so strange..

I don't understand why,
He keeps staring at me!!

I dont understand why,
He keeps laughing me!!

Am I so stupid?
Am I so funny??

Someone ask him to stop!!

Now I know why,
He's caged - in the cage of a mirror!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Book of time
was torn into pieces
Pages were flying
All around me!!

Ink of space
was fading away
Space had shrunk
from words to a mear dot..

Missing were pieces
to fill the gaps in time..
Dried for long
is the ink of space

Still a child called dream
were picking those paper pieces
Writing with an inkless pen
the story called life!!

clinging on!!

never i knew
you'll be so difficult to part

sticking with me
through my thick and thin

i could never pull you off
how ever hard i tried

like the shadow
at the end of my shoes

all so said and done
i still dont like you

the chewing gum
stuck to my shoes!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

a short lived life..

Get out of my way
let me jump down..

Give me way
I need to fall down..

Don't stop me,
I need to crash, and die..

No, you cant stop me
I was born to die;

Born as a tear,
in your beautiful eyes!!

living parted..

Please pick up the phone
I have stories to tell

Please hear me dear
I've sorrows to part

Speak to me dear
I need to hear your voice, once more!!

And pay me dear,
I need to pay my phone bill!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

finger plays..

have i,
fire inside my heart..

and you strike,
right at the spot..

come may,
the flame out of me..

strike short
and strike right..

enlighten me,
with your fingers..

i think out of box
and i'm so afraid of wind..

so strike me, the match stick,
and you guard me from the wind!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

for a first perfect date..

Buy her a gift
Get her a card
Go to a movie
And buy her some popcorn

Go to a dinner
Not looking at the price..
Never listen, all those names
Of dishes she orders..

Listen to the blabber
And never should complain
Never should you try
To break her in between..

All these things
Said and done
Is hitch hiker's guide
To the first perfect date..

Better it is always
To have the girl
At that next table,
Than at an arms reach!!

Kept singing, I
"I'll never fall in love"
But it echoed..
"I'll never fallin love, again!!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

untold reveries..

No one told me
a flame would burn

No one told me
a cut will bleed

I was never told
a wound will still heal

Made a cut, she
in my heart..
Made a cut, she
and it kept bleeding..

And came she, seeking the heat
I served at my funeral pyre..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Why do i love her?
I know she does not

Why do i hope to see her?
I know she'll not return

Why do i wish to be with her?
I know she'll never want me.

Why do I still check her scrapbook,
knowing she has nothing in there for me.

Why do I still answer her calls,
when its not but sarcasm.

'Cause for me she's another God,
Who did not find time to hear me pray!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

living on..

walking alone
in this bustling street
my hands try to grasp
the wind that hugs it
hoping to feel the touch
that your soft palms once gave me

sitting alone
at this sea shore
my shoulders whine
wishing ur face
was just resting there

alone at the table
sipping my coffee
i look across
to see the empty chair
trying to see
you, who is not there

i walk in the rain
i walk the pain
i still have to learn
to live without you

genuine clown

sitting at that circus ring
i was laughing
at this clown
who made me laugh
and ache my stomach

what i didnt know
was he too had
an aching stomach
when i laughed
and got to know
after this play
there is no dinner
waiting for him
and he has to walk back
with an empty pocket
and make smile
his hungry child..

so he hid
the best of his joke
and didnt give me
the best laugh i could have had!!!

all in the game

In his seat
sits he, cheering

In his eyes
sparks a flare

Follows the ball,
every second of the game..

A goal is in,
And so happy he is..

Tries to stand up and cheer,
But falls back he in his chair..

Just another ball, he is
In the game fate plays..

killer's flavours..

Killer he is
butchering animals
Feeding its meat
to millions among us

Killer he is
Murdering enemies
for his own nation
and called a patriot

Killer he is
plucking the flower
sadistic fun
of an innocent child..

Killer I am
jumping off a roof
trying to fly
but learnt that I'm dumb!!

weekly bath..

not clean, you are
i said

give you a wash, i said
i will

responded like a cat
who hates its weekly bath

finally i gave it a wash
soaked and washed
well with a soap
looked shiny, after the bath

stopped talking
after the bath
my cellphone,
guess it hated the wash after all!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

storm coming..

Leaves shivers
Winds soar
Clouds are babbling
And lightning shouting
Rain drops run
And hide under ground

A storm is coming
My way!!

And I am waiting
Hoping and praying,
Life and death
Anchoring me,
On this ground

And everything blew off..
My hunger for life, still remains!!

when u left me..

Gave me hopes,
and she gave me dreams

And she left me
when I was asleep.

Left to dream all alone
and left to live so lonely

So happy I was
to be free

Had a party
and called it -
'independence day'

part - ii
all I say
at the back of my mind..

all i want
is to be strong..

still i cry
at thoughts of her..

still i cant take
she is never mine

ask my pillow
and it will know

how much i have cried
in your name..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

criminal instinct..

Took my gun
out for a walk..

Gave the bullet
a quench of thirst..

Put in the prison, I
with no guns and bullets..

Still wondering
what crime did I commit..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

silence generator

there was a machine
sitting in a dark corner

shadowed by thoughts
percieved with fright.

it took 'everything'
and returned 'nothing'.

churned 'words'
and gave out 'silence'

kids were playing
all around it
their laughs and giggles
fading into silence

birds were chirping
but to the rhythm of silence

far away..
tides were splashing, and breaking
on rocks, without their screams..

on the darkest of a night
the silent of times

a kid walked down
sobbing silently

walking close, he was
to the 'silence generator'

there was no sound,
just the tears, to his cry

searched the machine
in vain, for a voice to swallow

cried the machine
in a sky breaking roar

started to smile, the kid
his sorrows scared away!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007


every day
is just another
every word
is just another
every call is
just one more
i keep waiting
for your word
just to hear
that you love me
days and years
i waited all my life
still i wait
an endless wait

winter of love

had a love
i; for the snow
but never had seen
a snowflake in my life
my lover didnt like
my love being shared
so she gave me
an ice cube
and told me
that's what snow is
and i kept looking
at that beautiful ice cube
time went by
the ice went away
the love still remained
for what i thought snow was!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

at a loss

walking home
in a brisk walk
i didnt notice
it falling off
from my pocket
reaching home
my wife asked
what i was doing
its was just then
i realized what i lost
it was my honesty
not worth a penny
now i could lie
a beautiful lie
and make happy
my honest wife!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

my new toy car..

gifted i was
a new toy car
shiny was
my new car

kept in the shelf
was my old car
only three tyres
had my old car

minutes passed
and hours went
grew tired i
of my new car

went and picked
my old car
and i felt it
still brand new

things in life
are there; always new
we never can dispose
even with something new!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

a walk to sleep..

tomorrow ill be fed
with the darkness
and they'll push me
into an eternal one

the moment of truth
the second of death
when that rope
will kiss my neck

they asked me
for my last wish
i asked for a feast
with my child

granted the wish
they gave me the time
every bite she took
was the last i had

sitting on my lap
she was so happy
tasting the food
all my hand could feed

feeling so low
she is now sleepy
placing her head
over my chest

out of nowhere
a lullaby came to me
and i started humming
that silent tune

drumming to my rhythm
was my heart
beating the last
couple of its beats

my baby's now asleep
now they'll put me also to sleep
but then there'll be no one
to sing me a lullaby...

four seasons..

spring had run
off my garden
sitting he is
on my fence

summer is playing
with those blossoms
kissed open
by the spring

sultry sun
is beating down
and tarnishing those
colourful flowers

then came autmn
pushing away
summer through
my garden's gate

naughty was the kid
named autmn
pulling the petals
of my beautiful flowers

winter came
without a word
freezing the petals
drying on the floor

watching i was
through my window
tucked in the clothes
suiting the season!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

literally blind

gone blind
my eyes were gone
nothing aided me
to show uwhat i saw
lost in the world
so much to see
lost in thoughts
how i can show
all that i saw
all that u missed
how bad things happen
and all i felt
when some one took off
with my camera!!

being studious..

sitting in a class
listening to a lecture
i was lost in thoughts
looking through the window
drumming my fingers
to the rhythm of rain
i kept watching
through that window

a breeze just appeared
splasing a few drops
over my face
through that window

someone was tapping
over my shoulder
asking me a question
that i failed to answer

that was my teacher
finding me lost
now asked me to get lost
through that open door...

venting out..

had a joke
stuck in my throat
that never came out
and choked me to death

had a tear
that never fell down
dried up it went
in the flames, of my funeral pyre..


dream lover

should i wake up
and kill my dream
should i wake up
and kill my dream lover

she just lives
in my dreams
and she'll be gone
when im awake

no dream land..

Walking i was
an endless walk
searching for
scattered dreams

Waiting i was
for a silent night
to spread my dreams
over my sleep..

Never i knew
this day would never end
the day decieved me
by granting no night

I never had thought
i'd fall asleep
an eternal sleep
where dreams have no place..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

love incarnated..

i was all agog
for you my love
finally that love
is coming so true
love and life
is gonna blend for you
so happy i am
for you my love
let me give you
a wedding gift
ill shed two tears
and will give them to you
and with a smile
ill give them to you
never you should cry
my lady love
never you should know
that i loved you so..

upside down

i saw a shadow
dancing so crazy
and today it was
dancing on its head
i was so worried
what happened to it
and why so sudden
it has gone mad
now i realize
it was me all the while
it was me the mad
standing on my head
and watching this world
turning upside down


a thought was spawned
it fired a spark
lighted a candle
in the deepest of my night

the candle so bright
it brought light
to the corners of my mind
which never had been lit

there were thoughts
rusty and abandoned
there were thoughts
left in chains

a breeze came in
the flame was dancing
shadows were playing
and the light went off

left in the dark
were my thoughts
i had never thought about
still waiting to be freed..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

suicide note..

shocked i was
to see the body
torn asunder
into a million
little pieces
part here
part there
nothing was there
to be recognised
and all because of me
just this morning too
i had looked at the mirror
and still lost in thoughts
i was
why a suicide
my mirror had to commit...
jumping offthat hook..

Sunday, June 17, 2007


a question was asked
an answer was sought
no one thought
what i might find

a joke was said
few smiles were laid
no one thought
smiles do give tears

a life was lived
in a shoe, that was mine
and no one thought
that its only me..

snooker is the game..

click and clang
the balls banged
to the end of the board
breaking their heads
cue was right
the hit was straight
and still why that ball
it did not fall!!?

forgetting sorrows..

all the time
i forgot to cry
lost in thoughts
trying to smile
never i found
a shoulder to cry on
and never i had time
to wait for my tears
and alas i was
stabbed in my back
and all i had
for my killer was a smile..!!

appraise my writ..

i was praised
for that writ
somone told
i got a prize
someone said
he loved the write
but in the end
that was a writ
some one wrote
and i stole it
and said it was mine..

My dear cloud..

i was in love
with a beautiful cloud
all i wanted
was to give it a hug
and i kept praying
"Oh lord, give me wings"
one day he heard
and granted me my wings
i started to fly
with not a moment to lose
i was almost there
so close to the cloud
trickling the raindrops came
lashing on my face
bedraggled i was
and the cloud wasnt there
Fly back I had to
with a broken heart
Fly back I had to
so drenched in love..

Friday, June 15, 2007


decided to pick seconds

and drop 'em
in a jar so anew

a momentary smile
a momentary laugh

a moment of pain
a moment of tear

pick pick, pick pick
my jar was full

upto the brim
now it is full

and that was
what i called 'my life'

now overflowing
out of the vase

and those drops
trickling down..

can i still say,
they are mine..!!?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kiss of my life..

Alas,I was granted
That kiss i longed for
A momentary kiss
Though, it was
I wished for it,
to never end
So cold
was the touch
No passion, and no emotion
igniting this kiss
Kissed on my cheeks,
Not just once, but a million times..
Yes, I was kissed..
Kissed by the rain!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


was it a lullaby
which woke me from sleep
her somnolent voice
singing in my ears

and realize, i did
that she thrived
on the blood
that was mine..

late in the night
offering me a snug
which felt like a needle
drilling through my skin

clap clap
a loud appaluse
and there she was, dead
the mosquito stuck in my palm!!



want to run away
from this thing called life
want to escape
from this drudgery

so scared i am
and so young to die
so tired to fight
and so coward to quit

so i live
through another day
waiting for the next day
just to live on..


toothless grin..

a toothless grin
so beautiful..
was there an innocence
shining in those eyes
or were those eyes
trying to hide some pain
the pain of losing a tooth
and all these i feel
looking in the mirror..
and wider my smile becomes
seeing my toothless grin..



shivering and trembling
to every bit
and every inch
felt like a mile
every step
wanting to go back
still i was
the kid who won
and that trophy
was mine alone
still shy, i was
to be on stage
and take that prize
that was mine..


starry night, a rainy night..

day had cut holes
in that dark veil
night had spread
across the sky

and the day was
hiding behind the veil
and stars were born
in the dark night sky

the veil was torn
and day was trying
to hold water in it
and it leaked

dripping and trikling
it came down
on my face
as those rain drops...


love thy neighbours..

they were
sharing a wall
caught in fight
fight to defeat
each man thought
the wall was the other's
so let me dig
and break this wall
both started digging
and the wall came down
so did the house
and they were standing
face to face
losing their face
unable to hide
behind the same wall
which now lay in rumbles..


sharing feelings..

i walked in a shoe
that wasnt mine
i tripped and fell
over a twig, that wasnt there
it hurt a knee
which wasnt mine
and i cried
and the tears werent there!!


words for all occasions..

words come
and words go
words hurt
and words heal
they are told
and some are heard
and those untold
is what i love
in this creek
filled with silence!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


a drink for happiness
a drink for success
and drink for pain
another for sorrow
and if still u aint drunk
the next one's on me..

day dreaming..

thought i had seen the stars
up in this noon sky

was it me dreaming
when i was wide awake

was it a phantasy
that finally came so true

but never ive seen
these stars so close

so close to me
and closer to my head

and you are the reason
my lovely princess

that slap that you gave me
and showed me the stars..