Saturday, June 30, 2007


every day
is just another
every word
is just another
every call is
just one more
i keep waiting
for your word
just to hear
that you love me
days and years
i waited all my life
still i wait
an endless wait

winter of love

had a love
i; for the snow
but never had seen
a snowflake in my life
my lover didnt like
my love being shared
so she gave me
an ice cube
and told me
that's what snow is
and i kept looking
at that beautiful ice cube
time went by
the ice went away
the love still remained
for what i thought snow was!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

at a loss

walking home
in a brisk walk
i didnt notice
it falling off
from my pocket
reaching home
my wife asked
what i was doing
its was just then
i realized what i lost
it was my honesty
not worth a penny
now i could lie
a beautiful lie
and make happy
my honest wife!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

my new toy car..

gifted i was
a new toy car
shiny was
my new car

kept in the shelf
was my old car
only three tyres
had my old car

minutes passed
and hours went
grew tired i
of my new car

went and picked
my old car
and i felt it
still brand new

things in life
are there; always new
we never can dispose
even with something new!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

a walk to sleep..

tomorrow ill be fed
with the darkness
and they'll push me
into an eternal one

the moment of truth
the second of death
when that rope
will kiss my neck

they asked me
for my last wish
i asked for a feast
with my child

granted the wish
they gave me the time
every bite she took
was the last i had

sitting on my lap
she was so happy
tasting the food
all my hand could feed

feeling so low
she is now sleepy
placing her head
over my chest

out of nowhere
a lullaby came to me
and i started humming
that silent tune

drumming to my rhythm
was my heart
beating the last
couple of its beats

my baby's now asleep
now they'll put me also to sleep
but then there'll be no one
to sing me a lullaby...

four seasons..

spring had run
off my garden
sitting he is
on my fence

summer is playing
with those blossoms
kissed open
by the spring

sultry sun
is beating down
and tarnishing those
colourful flowers

then came autmn
pushing away
summer through
my garden's gate

naughty was the kid
named autmn
pulling the petals
of my beautiful flowers

winter came
without a word
freezing the petals
drying on the floor

watching i was
through my window
tucked in the clothes
suiting the season!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

literally blind

gone blind
my eyes were gone
nothing aided me
to show uwhat i saw
lost in the world
so much to see
lost in thoughts
how i can show
all that i saw
all that u missed
how bad things happen
and all i felt
when some one took off
with my camera!!

being studious..

sitting in a class
listening to a lecture
i was lost in thoughts
looking through the window
drumming my fingers
to the rhythm of rain
i kept watching
through that window

a breeze just appeared
splasing a few drops
over my face
through that window

someone was tapping
over my shoulder
asking me a question
that i failed to answer

that was my teacher
finding me lost
now asked me to get lost
through that open door...

venting out..

had a joke
stuck in my throat
that never came out
and choked me to death

had a tear
that never fell down
dried up it went
in the flames, of my funeral pyre..


dream lover

should i wake up
and kill my dream
should i wake up
and kill my dream lover

she just lives
in my dreams
and she'll be gone
when im awake

no dream land..

Walking i was
an endless walk
searching for
scattered dreams

Waiting i was
for a silent night
to spread my dreams
over my sleep..

Never i knew
this day would never end
the day decieved me
by granting no night

I never had thought
i'd fall asleep
an eternal sleep
where dreams have no place..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

love incarnated..

i was all agog
for you my love
finally that love
is coming so true
love and life
is gonna blend for you
so happy i am
for you my love
let me give you
a wedding gift
ill shed two tears
and will give them to you
and with a smile
ill give them to you
never you should cry
my lady love
never you should know
that i loved you so..

upside down

i saw a shadow
dancing so crazy
and today it was
dancing on its head
i was so worried
what happened to it
and why so sudden
it has gone mad
now i realize
it was me all the while
it was me the mad
standing on my head
and watching this world
turning upside down


a thought was spawned
it fired a spark
lighted a candle
in the deepest of my night

the candle so bright
it brought light
to the corners of my mind
which never had been lit

there were thoughts
rusty and abandoned
there were thoughts
left in chains

a breeze came in
the flame was dancing
shadows were playing
and the light went off

left in the dark
were my thoughts
i had never thought about
still waiting to be freed..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

suicide note..

shocked i was
to see the body
torn asunder
into a million
little pieces
part here
part there
nothing was there
to be recognised
and all because of me
just this morning too
i had looked at the mirror
and still lost in thoughts
i was
why a suicide
my mirror had to commit...
jumping offthat hook..

Sunday, June 17, 2007


a question was asked
an answer was sought
no one thought
what i might find

a joke was said
few smiles were laid
no one thought
smiles do give tears

a life was lived
in a shoe, that was mine
and no one thought
that its only me..

snooker is the game..

click and clang
the balls banged
to the end of the board
breaking their heads
cue was right
the hit was straight
and still why that ball
it did not fall!!?

forgetting sorrows..

all the time
i forgot to cry
lost in thoughts
trying to smile
never i found
a shoulder to cry on
and never i had time
to wait for my tears
and alas i was
stabbed in my back
and all i had
for my killer was a smile..!!

appraise my writ..

i was praised
for that writ
somone told
i got a prize
someone said
he loved the write
but in the end
that was a writ
some one wrote
and i stole it
and said it was mine..

My dear cloud..

i was in love
with a beautiful cloud
all i wanted
was to give it a hug
and i kept praying
"Oh lord, give me wings"
one day he heard
and granted me my wings
i started to fly
with not a moment to lose
i was almost there
so close to the cloud
trickling the raindrops came
lashing on my face
bedraggled i was
and the cloud wasnt there
Fly back I had to
with a broken heart
Fly back I had to
so drenched in love..

Friday, June 15, 2007


decided to pick seconds

and drop 'em
in a jar so anew

a momentary smile
a momentary laugh

a moment of pain
a moment of tear

pick pick, pick pick
my jar was full

upto the brim
now it is full

and that was
what i called 'my life'

now overflowing
out of the vase

and those drops
trickling down..

can i still say,
they are mine..!!?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kiss of my life..

Alas,I was granted
That kiss i longed for
A momentary kiss
Though, it was
I wished for it,
to never end
So cold
was the touch
No passion, and no emotion
igniting this kiss
Kissed on my cheeks,
Not just once, but a million times..
Yes, I was kissed..
Kissed by the rain!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


was it a lullaby
which woke me from sleep
her somnolent voice
singing in my ears

and realize, i did
that she thrived
on the blood
that was mine..

late in the night
offering me a snug
which felt like a needle
drilling through my skin

clap clap
a loud appaluse
and there she was, dead
the mosquito stuck in my palm!!



want to run away
from this thing called life
want to escape
from this drudgery

so scared i am
and so young to die
so tired to fight
and so coward to quit

so i live
through another day
waiting for the next day
just to live on..


toothless grin..

a toothless grin
so beautiful..
was there an innocence
shining in those eyes
or were those eyes
trying to hide some pain
the pain of losing a tooth
and all these i feel
looking in the mirror..
and wider my smile becomes
seeing my toothless grin..



shivering and trembling
to every bit
and every inch
felt like a mile
every step
wanting to go back
still i was
the kid who won
and that trophy
was mine alone
still shy, i was
to be on stage
and take that prize
that was mine..


starry night, a rainy night..

day had cut holes
in that dark veil
night had spread
across the sky

and the day was
hiding behind the veil
and stars were born
in the dark night sky

the veil was torn
and day was trying
to hold water in it
and it leaked

dripping and trikling
it came down
on my face
as those rain drops...


love thy neighbours..

they were
sharing a wall
caught in fight
fight to defeat
each man thought
the wall was the other's
so let me dig
and break this wall
both started digging
and the wall came down
so did the house
and they were standing
face to face
losing their face
unable to hide
behind the same wall
which now lay in rumbles..


sharing feelings..

i walked in a shoe
that wasnt mine
i tripped and fell
over a twig, that wasnt there
it hurt a knee
which wasnt mine
and i cried
and the tears werent there!!


words for all occasions..

words come
and words go
words hurt
and words heal
they are told
and some are heard
and those untold
is what i love
in this creek
filled with silence!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


a drink for happiness
a drink for success
and drink for pain
another for sorrow
and if still u aint drunk
the next one's on me..

day dreaming..

thought i had seen the stars
up in this noon sky

was it me dreaming
when i was wide awake

was it a phantasy
that finally came so true

but never ive seen
these stars so close

so close to me
and closer to my head

and you are the reason
my lovely princess

that slap that you gave me
and showed me the stars..

flying in a blue sky

Flying so high, I was;
Over this world
Flying so close, I was;
Close to heaven.

I could hear the music,
Of the wordless speech.
pushed beyond the limits
of being myself.

The flight was so smooth,
I could feel the clouds,
Stopping in midair,
Why this sudden jerk!

Dropping down I was,
Like a stone into the river,
Falling asleep..
Into a stupor!!

Thanks to the pain
that made me drink
Thanks to the drink
that made me fly
Thanks to the flight
that got me asleep!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

a flaming writ

the weight of my poem
is like the canon
tied around my feet
when they threw me
into the ocean
the deepest of it..

so decided
to pen it down
the ink spread
on the paper
and i waited
for that ink to dry

impatient i were
to wait that long
and i made a fire
and left the paper
over it to dry

caught in fire
my poem went off
dancing with flames
leaving the ashes...!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

when i cried

my tears fell
into the ocean
causing a ripple
waking a tide..

on the shore
your feet

gave you
the tickle
and a smile you did
offer the world!!

beyond the night skies

light was getting heavy
falling like a stone..
the night getting lighter
afloat over the day..
earth was caught
in the middle of it.
light so sad,
seeing a sinful world
sank down to the bottom
of the deepest oceans..
still reborn, the light was
as just another day,
getting lighter
and flying above the night sky,
for us, under the moonlit sky
waiting for a new day..
taking us to a time
beyond the darkest nights!!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Only Child, That I Was

loner of the lot, i was
lost in thoughts
sitting at that riverside
missing a sibling
to hold my hand
to share my smile
and to stop my tears
the sibling i missed
and i got over it
when the chocolate i had
didnt have to be shared..!

War Over No Man's Land

A line was drawn ,
a war was fought
seeking the boundary ,
the one that never existed;
the shore and tide
in a never ending battle .
Victory of the tide
given away to the shore
in the blink of an eye.
The fight went on
and the line was gone
so blind they were
to see it missing..
and to stop fighting!

Friday, June 01, 2007

that first crush of mine..

playing my guitar
I sat on that pavement
waiting for that perfect note
singing that perfect song!

and she passed by me
like a dream
walking into your sleep
in the silence of the night!

Tring, tring..
the first string was broken.

walking carelessly
those loose locks
of hair so blonde
flying all around

Tring, tring..
broke the second string!

those eyes
those dreamy eyes
deeper than ocean
so beautiful they were

A tring again..
sound of third string breaking!

ah, that glance
she gave me
the long awaited one
broke my fourth string!

i never stopped playing
even for the time,
i had to smile at her
plucking my last two strings!

no more trings, i heard
but there was a bang
and a lightning
bang bang!!
the two strings broke
with that guitar..
on my head!!

crying, I wasn't
when i was shadowed
by that big man,
that was her boyfriend!!