Thursday, February 08, 2007

A sketch book, and a pencil...enough to disturb my sleepy mind...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I look beyond the cloudless skies,
Looking for rains,
In the golden light,
And I feel lost.

And I hear a rain drop,
And one more,
Coming close to me,
Its not rain..
But the anklets,
Of my love,
In search of me.
And seeing her..
A rain starts pouring,
In some arid corners of my mind!!

And now listening to the rain,
Rocking in my chair..
My mind runs away..
To that sunny day,
When my love was with me,
And when she made it rain for me.
Now she's not with me here,
Still it rains..
And every drop bringing
Memories of her face.

Yesterday's rain
Made the flowers wet.
And i pick a bunch..
Leaving it
At her tombstone.
The sweetest kiss
I could give her..

Walking away from the stone
My palms still wet
From the droplets on the rose..
I still hear it raining,
Somewhere at the back of my mind..


PS: Courtesy to the artist for the image.