Monday, April 19, 2010

learning to fly

Miseries and burdens,
What else do they bring?
And every time, I feel-
Why do I need to vent out?

Lies they add,
To the palette,
Of colours,
You paint from.

Wars, they wage
With your emotions.
I got rid of them.

Join me, fly free;
Mankind is better,
When you are there-
Far away, in the sky!!

[PS: The image is not a work of the author. With due credits to the original artist @]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The dawn always broke,
Before the story ended.

The nights always heard,
Strides of her foot steps.

In mesmerizing voice she told,
A new story, yet again.

Myths and legends,
Heroes and demons,

Shook the silence,
Of many moonlit nights.

Death clung,
Like a bud;
Waiting to blossom-
To every dawn that passed by.

The dawn always broke,
Before the story ended.

Thousand and one nights went by,
A story was told,
The world- about her!