Monday, September 24, 2007

My girlfriends..

I had one
millionaire girl friend!
She wanted to know
the meaning of broke!
So never she had any penny with her!
And gave me the chance
to pay her bills!!

I had one
mediocre girl friend!
She wanted to be
as pompous as ever!
Costly attires and exotic cuisines,
were her weaknesses, I have to mention!
And as ever, I was so lucky
to pay her bills!!

I had one
girlfriend, who never had a penny.
She wanted to have
a very normal life..
Sold herself to any human soul
who could pay her, a single penny!
This time I was never lucky,
she never showed me her bills!!


Journey of words

I think,
when I talk
and when I am not heard,
where my words go!

The void,
it kills my words.
And sucks its juice;
Juice of meaning!

Eating it
with the highest devour,
the void remains,
waiting there,
with its open mouth,
for my next word!!


The battle

The was
has begun
Once in
the ring,
there is no count out;
Only knock outs.

One by one,
stood alone,
battering them.
Getting up,
my box of chocolates!!


Trail of tears..

She cried,
rolling down her cheek.

That trail of tears,
ran down my heart,
Leaving the burns along the way!

I never knew
the pans had tears..
And boiling water,
spilled and burnt!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Perfect timing

Got his tools
and he was ready.
Not a second to waste,
he ran in
right to the first house, he saw..

Robber was ready
high hopes
of easy money
running thorugh his head..

Minutes passed,
the sun flashes in..
The eclipse was over,
so was the robber's take!

Whispered secrets

Winds whisper,
and the candle light, nods!
Whisper of rain drops,
leaves dance to it!
When night whispers,
the stars, they wink and smile!

Pains, they whisper,
and tears, they sparkle!
Alas, when death whispers,
life, it gives way!!

Moonly thoughts..

atop the moon.
the milk, drop by drop.

day by day;
From full moon to new moon.

I fall,
into the ocean.
Next night, he comes back..
With a naughty smile;

Up in the night sky!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

silence of await..

Sky, wait!
Earth, waits!!
Trees dance..
Finally, rain falls!!

I wait!
My soul waits!!
My love, expressed..
Finally, the slap falls!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lucky old sun

Oh, that lucky old sun
Doesn't have to do anything
Than roll around the heaven
All through the day!!

Runs away, he,
at the break of the night,
scared of the demons and spirits
Loitering around in the dark.

Leaving the world alone,
Sun, he, sprees away,
Afraid of the dark,
Every day.

lost and found

Searched here
searched there..

Never found it,

In my pocket
in my shelf..

In my book
nor on paper

And here it
in front of you..

Alas I found,
the poem,
I was looking for!!

And it rained!!

Stuck amidst the branches,
was the dark cloud.

Wind was fierce,
and it had to rain!

Rains, it fell,
just over the tree.

The boy was sitting,
under the shade.

And rains, it fell,
over the boy.

Got washed away,
his tears..

He, to smile!!

everyone's writ!!

Write with the ink of tears..

Correct with the power of smiles..

Embibe with the fire of anger;

The journey of life!!



The last drop,
of a broken water clock!

The last grain,
forgotten to be emptied,
off an hour glass..

A shadow,
with its source!


Soul of my everyday greed!!






and I,




Passed the door,
and closed as i crossed.
I open the door,
hearing a knock.

I see my shadow
across the door;
Knocking to pass
and run to my feet!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

worst of my fears!

Lord, I stand,
against the faceless man!!

Like, the worst
of my fear.

Unable to read,
what he feels,

I am stranded,
I am afraid!!

I smile.

Like caught in a whirlpool
it disappears.

The faceless man,
he stands across me!

Afraid I am,
Unable to make him smile,
or even cry!!

divinity, sold!!


used me
till my money was over!

Used me,
till my time was wasted!

Used me,
till I was out of my own space!!

No more..! I say!!
Now I get a board,
with the last of my penny..
"Pay and Use"!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Snow Desert

Walking alone,
across this desert of snow.
with my burden of life.

In tears,
I am.
Tears drop
And they freeze.

My feet bleeds
cut by my frozen tears.
Snow turns red,
revealing my trail.

I walk ahead.
I never look back..
But I still hope, someday,
someone, will come, seeing my trail!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

euphoria, why?

Feeling high..
I am addicted
to this feeling
of a quirky pleasure

The ripples
wetting my feet
the splash
drenching me wholly

The rhythm
the repertoire
so sombre
I am in euphoria

I could make out the lyrics
they were words of hurt
Dropped in my mind..

The ripples
of pain were born
drenching me wholly!!