Thursday, August 14, 2008


Freedom, is when I fly,
Into the starless skies
And sprinkle the white paint,
Drawing my own stars!

Freedom, when I sit,
By the river side,
Stirring its silence,
Making the moon in her
Dance to my ripples.

Freedom is when I am mesmerized,
In the smile of a kid,
The innocent, greedless smile,
Clad in his torn clothes.

Freedom is when I am lost,
Looking in your eyes.
In the world of love,
For us, to be together,
For ever and always!!


Blue turtle's dream

The ripples;
A bubble,
Rises from the deep,
Dancing to it.

The blue turtle dreams,
In the shadow of the bubble;
Colourful dreams,
Dancing to its hues.

A sway to the left,
A sway to the right,
But there is no way,
Than the way up.

Bubble of life,
Shines in the turtle's eyes.
And will disappear,
In the span of a dream!!


Tongues of Flame

Flame of the fire,
Is like a desire,
Dancing to the whims,
Just like a wind-chime.

Close your fingers around,
For it may blow out,
To that gush of wind;
So fragile it is!

Touch not the flames,
As it could burn,
For you do not know,
The power it with-holds.

Desires are like flames,
Following to your death bed;
And can still keep dancing,
Even when you are not alive to see it!!