Friday, October 28, 2005

Selling Lies..

Yes. "Truth is stranger than fiction", I accept that. But can it be so strange. This was the feeling I had when I went over one of the local newpapers today morning. When they are busy reporting a hot news, especially a murder case, its these reporters giving such fictitious facts. I am ignorant of the "real truth", yet they are imposing on me arrogant side of a said-to-be-truth. Why do they have to do this? Isn't there a responsibility to report the fact as is, than cashing in a thrash as the strangest fiction. I was even to put this across to the newspaper editor. But then I decided to add this to the other millions of changes I want to make in this world.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Endless Wait

You've been there,
When I was happy.
And you were there,
When I was sad.
Like a raindrop,
Falling over the desert.
Never I knew
The mysteries around you.
Now, how long should I wait,
To catch a glimpse of you.
You, my precious tears,
The gift of my colourful emotions!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Helping Hand

“Hush….. Sam”, I heard someone whispering just across the wall. I was on my way back home after a long tedious day at work. It was late night and most of the people had gone to sleep. “Sam…..” someone calling again. So I went over to the source of the sound and saw a dark shadowed outline of a man. He was crouching over to the back of the house. I decided to follow him.
He told me not to make any sound. In the dim moonlight I saw a metallic luster in his hand. I realized that it was a crowbar. He called me over for help. He was trying to open the kitchen door of the house. The door didn’t hold much long under the strength of both our hands. We crept in.
He said “we must get to the room where all the money is kept and fast………before anyone realizes that we’ve broken in”. I said “that’s easy….I can help you out!!” He warned me to keep my voice to a whisper level.
I told him, “Let’s take the stairs in the front room, all the money might be kept upstairs in the bed room.” He gave a note of approval. We climbed the wooden stairs on tip-toe. I was actually leading the way and I didn’t need a light to find the way even in that darkness. The way was like by heart to me.
We slowly approached the bed room. I told him, “The owner’s wife might be sleeping there. So we better be careful”. He didn’t disagree to it. We entered the room and I was right. But she was in a deep sleep that she didn’t hear us.
I slowly approached the table next to the bed. I pulled out the bottom most draw silently. The key to the cupboard was inside it. I handed it over to him. He accepted it and went over to the cupboard. He said, “In the hurry I forgot to bring a bag to carry the loot”. I told him, “it’s not a big problem; I can get you one”. Then I again approached the table and this time I pulled out the first draw. There was a foldable bag inside it. I took it and went over to him. He grabbed it like a robber.
He opened the cupboard with difficulty so as not to make any sound. The cupboard was pretty old and it slightly screeched. Suddenly the lady’s shadow on the bed moved. But luckily she didn’t wake up.
He then pulled out all the money and ornaments he can get and we together crept out of the room. We went down the stairs and moved to the front door this time. I opened it for him and we both rushed out. As we ran out I noticed that someone has turned on the lights in the bed room. So the people in the house must have realized that they have been robbed. So we gave a fast sprint.
I was in the back. So I increased my pace and got to the front. I ran a few distance like that. Then I realized that I was not hearing any foot steps behind me any more. So I stopped under a street light, panting and looked back to my partner. He was not in my back. I thought he may have found his own way of escape. But I was feeling happy as I was able to help someone in this world.
I walked back to the way I came to reach back to my own house. When I reached home I was rather surprised to see that my wife wasn’t asleep and was waiting for my arrival. I knocked on the door and I heard someone running towards it. It was her. She opened the door for me.
Striving to take breath and talk simultaneously, she said “Sam, I’ve a bad news………..We’ve been robbed a few hours back”. I asked her in reply, “I think we lost all the money and even your diamond ring, isn’t it?” She nodded sharply. I relieved her and said, “If we have to live in this world we may even have to make sacrifices!!”