Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Page From My Life

There is an incident that comes to my mind once in a while. I was thinking whether I should write it or not, as in, if others will feel it as a gossip or something of the sort. But I decided to go on. Until I put 'real' names to characters, none is hurt...I believe

Almost 2 years back. It was the time I got my first job. Had to shift from home to a place called Pondicherry. The place is an old French colony, worth a visit. Since I was there all alone, the task was all to me to find a decent living area for me. And so to say, I succeeded in finding a good one, in an almost-prime locality.

Now comes the other part of the story. A new chap from my own state, joins the company. He asked me if he can stay with me for a while. I told him frankly, that I can do that till he gets a house. And with an eccentric character like mine, I always prefer to stay alone. So he took my point and decided to join me.

Among the talks we had on those days staying together, I was telling him that I'd like to be fluent in Tamil, rather than the stammering way I used to talk Tamil then. He told me that Tamil was never a problem for him. He was very fluent in speaking Tamil and even reading and writing in the same language. I had the feeling atleast that advantage he had over me.

Days passed eventlessly. I was having the feeling that he was not even trying for a house. So yet again, I had to take up the duty of finding him new house. He was telling of his uncle who already is there in Pondicherry. I asked him, it would be best if he could seek his uncle's help, since he should be having good knowledge of where to look for and all such things. He replied me that he is not so close to his uncle and so he don't think he'd prefer that. I left that talk at that point.

Luckily, I was able to find him a decent accomodation. Now everything boiled down to rent settlement. His rent was lesser than what I was paying then. But he still wanted to go for a bargain. I had a feeling that was not a good idea for me to go for. So I told him, he can do all bargain by his own. So I stood as a casual observer for their talks. My friend, he went over to the house owner and started speaking Hindi. I was surprised. Hindi is a language out of a Tamilian's dictionary. They never (usually) understand even a single word of Hindi. So I had to advice my friend that these people dont speak Hindi, and to speak in Tamil. So he started speaking in Tamil, one or two after-wards he again shifted; this time to Engilsh, and at times a word or two of Malayalam. I was shocked. He had told me that he was fluent in Tamil and now what is this guy doing.... I got the whole picture. How good he is in Tamil and all.

Finally, I went up and told the owner in what ever Tamil I know that he wants to reduce the rent. Owner, after thinking for a while said that he can give some reduction, as much as its possible for him. Now this I told the chap that he might reduce the rent in what-so-ever way he can. He suddenly told me that he has to call up someone regarding this. I asked who it was. Now, he tells me he wants to call his uncle. That was the last thing I had on my mind. I told him ok, he can. He calls him up and comes up with an answer, telling me that his uncle hasn't agreed on him taking that house. And whether he can continue staying at my place. I tried to control my temper (I know how bad it can be if I loss that), and tell him in a nice manner that my kind of life and philosophies are different. I prefer to stay alone if possible. He suddenly shoots at me - "I dont want to hear any of your philosophies. Can I say with you or not?". This gave me the last real shock.

At this turn of events, I was having the feeling, there is no point in me taking this pain anymore. I directly told him - "If you can make a move, please do. I am not looking for a company currently!". I think that was the last word I ever spoke to him or he spoke to me. After that, when ever he sees me, he kept turning his face the other way around. If I remember right, it remained that way for around six-seven months I was there in that job, until I quit it. Nice friend though, he was ;-)

After the whole story, I dont know if I was supposed to feel bad about all these. I still search for answers in starry-dreamy-skies. Among the other infinite questions I keep in my mind. But quite a good experience it was....really!!