Wednesday, January 28, 2009

rare sense - a haiku

Common sense-
It ain't so common

Saturday, January 24, 2009

simple emotions..

A smile concealed,
Will never hide the lie.

A fake tear,
Will never cause floods.

Anger, bitten and swallowed,
Will never take away my hunger.

For a minimalist,
A point becomes God.

And in a simple world,
One always can leave without a word.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

freed freedom

An untied shoe string,
Freedom unsolicited
Will it be a trap?

chasing shadow

One day,
When I went through the book,
I fell in love,
With a single word.

Every day,
I go to the book,
Just to be sure,
The word's still there.

One day I saw,
The book burnt,
The word charred,
Along with it.

The word remains,
In my mind,
Casting a shadow-
The meaning of it all.

it had rained..

Last drop of the rain,
Has landed on my window pane.
Clouds part, sky clears,
Sun shines through my window pane.
Last drop of the rain,
Sparkles in a golden hue,
Of the setting sun;
Evening of a rainy day.
With my fingers,
I touch the drop,
And it rolls down,
Delicately, down the window pane.
With the last drop gone,
I fail to prove,
To my soul who just woke up,
That it had rained!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wanted to..

When I was,
A little boy,
I wanted to be,
An astronaut.

When I knew,
Moon wasn't white,
I left the moon,
Alone in its sky.

When I was,
A teenage boy,
I wanted to be,
A charming prince.

When I knew,
Princes' were frogs,
I wanted to be,
Nothing but a knight.

Then someone told,
Knights were fools,
Fighting battles
For someone else.

So I wanted,
Just to be,
The perfect human,
That one should be.

Then again,
I failed when I knew,
No one was perfect,
In this lil' world.

That's when,
I became


Monday, January 19, 2009

a love song..

In this love,
I become a teen again.
Growing younger,
Shedding grays of maturity.

A love filled with,
Teensy weensy misunderstandings,
Of blushes,
That made me wear pinks.

Crossing yesterdays of fights,
Today of love,
We live for ever,
With the immortal love in our hearts.


Made of a fabric of nonexistence,
I am a thought,
That none,
Has ever thought of.

I've fallen off,
Many a mind,
With nothing,
That I could hold on to.

Like a feather I've fallen,
Trying to give stones wings,
Ending up flying,
Successfully downwards.

hurricane time..

I lay asleep,
Way away from the world,
At the bottom of an ocean,

All of a sudden,
The calm ocean,
Turns turbulent,
With violent waves.

The ripples spread,
In breadth and depth,
Waking me,
From my slumber.

From under the ocean of blankets,
I arise,
To my mother's hand,
Pulling the blankets with all her might.

heaven is..

Heaven is,
The house up above;
Way to which,
I do not know!

Some say,
Its right up above;
And fate,
Will lead you there.

Some say,
You'll need to cross,
A battle field,
Of rights and wrongs.

To cross the door,
Some say,
You will need,
Beard, beads and a book.

Heaven is, but, a false hope,
For the blind men of the world,
Forgetting the heaven,
They are living in!

Monday, January 05, 2009

long drives..

I love,
Going on a long lone drive,
Pulling up the windows,
Searching for a lost brain.

Then at times,
I pull them down,
Let the wind,
Play with my hair
(though not much is there, left).

I turn on the radio,
Listening what my radio farts,
Or put on that CD,
That has been scratched out of words.

I love,
Going on a long lone drive,
Chasing cars,
And the girls who drive them.

Long long drives,
Oh, I love them.

They never last long,
When it all just ends,
With an unsolicited lift,
That a cop grants me!


The loose strand,
Of hair that I fell in love with.
I tuck it away,
Behind her ears;
Drawing my face
Close to hers;
Falling in,
To almost a kiss.

That loose strand,
Of dark brown hair,
At a will of its own;
Rolls down her face,
To grant me a kiss,
All on its own.


melody of mornings

Drops of rain,
Jumps down the leaves,
To the wind that sings,
A howling song.

Cries the mouth,
Of a restless alarm,
That wants to shout,
Time, out to the world.

The tap fizzes,
Its soul out a nozzle,
With dried up veins,
That long has caught rust.

Clings and clangs,
The trings and trangs,
The chorus of morning
Has started,

Yet another day!


Freedom, is when I fly,
Into the starless skies
And sprinkle the white paint,
Drawing my own stars!

Freedom, when I sit,
By the river side,
Stirring its silence,
Making the moon in her
Dance to my ripples.

Freedom is when I am mesmerized,
In the smile of a kid,
The innocent, greedless smile,
Clad in his torn clothes.

Freedom is when I am lost,
Looking in your eyes.
In the world of love,
For us, to be together,
For ever and always!!