Saturday, July 19, 2008

the man who cried

A burning heart,
Inside the man,
A fatherly glance,
Across the street.

There he stood,
Looking across,
His son walking away,
Leaving the grip.

The two days have gone,
In the blink of an eye.
Two days of rights,
To hold his child.

Moments of joy,
Moments of tears,
And all the answers,
To a thousand questions!

And now there he stood,
Across the road,
With a million emotions,
Answering, his own!!

Fear of losing,
His only child;
Of being misread,
By his only son!

Walking away,
Is his ray of hope,
Like the evanescent rays,
Of the evening sun.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


One of the first puzzles that I got as a gift in my life (*and the one that I did not solve for the longest time) remains the Rubik's cube. To all who knows what that six faced, not so easily tamable beast is, they know how much they appreciate one who can solve it.

I got the gift in fifth grade. I knew the formulas also. But that time, the only problem was to know what formula to apply where. Then gradually my cubic itch just subsided.

It is recently that I started looking at it once again. Thanks to Douglas Hofstadter's Metamagical Themas. All that group theory and stuff behind, got me motivated again to do fiddle with it. There started my cubic itch again.

I sought out various ways of solving it (*at least got to know the names of those algorithms). But my timing remained very very bad, around 30 minutes or so, compared to the world record of around 10-15 "seconds".

Then came the deus-ex-machisma of cubism, one of my colleague. As by serendipity my cube got to meet him. With his easy to remember moves (* which even a dumbo like me could learn in one day) and his amazing teaching skills, here I am, always finishing a cube (*unless I confuse the moves) in less than 5-10 minutes. Now the road beyond is of practice, and my upper limit, will remain a mark of my dumbness.

But yes a cube solved means, no more fear of someone destroying that perfectly set cube, kept in the shelf!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

swapping sides

Being neutral,
I had no left and right.
So I wore my shoe,
The wrong side right.

People stared,
Some laughed,
But no one said,
What was right!

A small kid with blue eyes,
Walks to me and says
"The shoe is not right"
And I say-
"It is my right".

The girl waves good bye,
And walks away from me,
And I remain,
On the wrong side of right!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Me, Zeno, Life and the Unattainable

Mastering the impossible motion,
Walking to the unreachable goal,
Pacing- faster, to cross the tortoise,
Zeno's shadow, falls on the ethereal mind.

The arrow in flight,
Is where it is,
And is not,
Where it will not be.

Series of frames,
Feeling of motion,
But nothing moves,
Cartoon of life!

I run to the goal,
Stepping over each word,
They do not mean the sentence!!

Solving the paradox,
Chopping its meaning,
Life remains,
Hysterical as ever!!


The treeless leaf,
That lies on the floor,
Like a loner it rebels,
To the barbarian storm.

The soundless word,
At the back of my mind,
Like a loner it rebels,
To my unyielding thoughts!!

Last drop of the rain,
Carried by the wind,
It clings to the leaf,
And holds the sun in its mold!

Unthought thoughts,
Unsaid words,
Flameless fires;
And with an unkindled spirit,

Loner, I tread my roads..

across the sky

Lost in thoughts
Sailing across the sky,
I sit on the cloud,
Smiling at the moon.

The invisible oars,
Tickle the sky,
And ripples form,
Like heavenly giggles!

I round my lips,
To kiss the moon,
But moon- the naughty one,
Blows my cloud back.

I wake from my dream,
And rush to the window,
Parting the curtain,
I see the moon,

And his naughty smile..

Friday, July 04, 2008

My telescope

To the other Earth,
I discovered yesterday,
I turn my telescope,
And I see me.

Another time,
At another place,
Another me,
Is looking at me!

I see twinkles,
More and more of them,
All the 'me's of the world,
Flashing in rhythm.

The 'me's and 'I's
Of the known and unknown,
Stretching the souls,
In circle they step

To an eternal cosmic dance!!