Thursday, February 28, 2008


sky won't rain
clouds run around


PS: Image with due regards to the owner.


White blanket,
That never unveils,
Misty mornings,
That never doffs.

I dont know,
What is more insane,
Forst bitten fingers,
Searching for triggers;
Or, is it the human mind,
Craving for war!

Where a new red rose blossoms,
When a warrior dies,
And the blood is spilled!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

making love

Melting in each other's arms;
We make love!

Torrid feelings,
Passionate whispers,
An eternal rhythm,
Yes, we are making love!

Night and day, we are,
Melting in each others arms,
And a twilight is born,
But red, not a new born's pink!


PS: Due credits to the artist for the image.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Songs and bites
That drives me crazy


PS: Image with due regards to the artist, and not under the copy right of the owner of the blog.

mango showers

The drops on my face
I know the summer showers
Smell of mango blooms.


PS: Image with due regards to the artist, and not under the copy right of the owner of the blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

snow fall - Haiku

With snow flakes,
I want, in this chill,
Just ice creams!


PS: Image with due regards to the artist, and not under the copy right of the owner of the blog.

fist fight - a Haiku

My girl friend has just won,
A boxing competition,
She has just beaten me up



Drip and drop,
Into shards it breaks;
Water drops.


PS: Image also under the copy right of the blog owner.

Friday, February 15, 2008

beyond childhood

When I grew up,
Men told me,
There is no sky,
But its still blue!

When I became a man,
They told me,
There is no santaclaus,
But still there is Christmas!

Lost with my childhood,
Where the monsters,
Living under my bed;
Still, I do wake;
Sleep-broken, by nightmares

Hurts and pains,
Sugar coated words,
Lies and belies,
All makes us men!

Lost innocence,
I gained manhood!
Lost childhood,
Manhood, regained!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't talk,
My line is dead;
But my line-man's here;
And he needs money.

I won't be heard
Till my phone comes alive,
But my line-man's here;
And he needs bribe.

Granted a hundred,
Wanted a peek,
Into my wallet.

Twenty bucks remained,
And his eyes caught on that.
Mind vascillating
And his fingers, pointing.

Give me my bribe,
Will be done later.

So payed him the money,
For karma, is what matters,
And results, will come your way;
So, God has said!!


a prayer..

Every day I wake up,
Wishing for a prayer.

Hope dances,
Just like a flame,
In my mind,
Hoping to be heard!

In a world full of believers,
I am a God with no followers.

Agnosts and athiests,
Never they look my way.
All those who wanted a God,
Have one of their own, already!

In no one's sorrow, they cry my name.
Never in a smile, they say my name!
In a world full of believers,
I am a God with no followers.

Born a God,
To whom can I pray?
Born divine,
Who will see me cry!?


Thursday, February 07, 2008


Behind a window
Caged by iron bars
I stood,
Watching him.

I've seen him,
Every day, and every time,
I stood,
Beside the window.

Wanted to warn
Of a storm coming,
Wanted to shout,
At him, to seek a shelter.

There I stand,
Behind the window,
My words effaced by the wind.

At the blink of an eye,
Came the storm.
The moment I opened,
He was there no more.

Where was my voice,
When I did shout!
Now where are my tears,
When I want to cry!!

Helpless I am,
Its the way life made me,
To even ask for forgiveness!


Note: There was a chap at orkut's Ah Poetry community named Vinay. He wrote poems. This is all I knew about him. I saw the news today at The Hindu, that he committed suicide yest night. Seeing that, a feeling of helplessness runs over. Even though I did not know him beyond his writes, a feeling rises inside me, saying I could have done something to prevent it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

nose dive

A river,
So beautiful,
Asking me to dive.

Dive I did,
A nose dive,
Hitting the rock,
My head did get hurt.

River of work,
Is always luring.
But the rock of diatribe,
Can hurt even the diligent!

being close

On your nerves
I'll take a ride.

Laugh at your face,
Till you are hurt.

Then when you shout,
Ill get hurt.

And when I am hurt,
I can, nothing, but smile!

Alas, Ill ride so close
Yet so far,
That your fingers can touch,
But the slaps wont fall!!