Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I'd give up,
Walking on the water,
Just to feel,
How it feels to get the feet wet.

I'll stop flying,
Just to be normal,
Sitting under the blue blue sky,
Wishing if I were a bird.

Make me stop breathing fire,
To feel the warmth,
Of the hand,
That hugs me tight.

Its tough,
To be supernatural,
To be normal!!

things to do

Let's paint,
The blue sky blue;
Black on the night skies;
Among the shouts;
The laughing man.
Let's do all these,
And get away,

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quoting My Quotes

At times the world is crazy, and other times you are. There are times when both are crazy, but there rarely is a time when both are not.

Walk the line, mind the space between the words.

Hidden meanings are like pepper, keeping your tongue burning even long after eating it.

The best joke in the world is life, but you rarely get a chance to laugh at it.

It doesn't need a genius to say, the more you do the more work you get. But what you might need is a genie to finish it off.

Sleep is like a stubborn child. You can only keep the door open.

Call it serendipity when the stupidity you say, becomes philosophical; vice versa, call it bad luck.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

drops of same emotion

When the sky
Is washed of its blue,
It cries,
Rain drops fall down.

When happiness,
Is washed of its smiles,
It rains,
Tear drops fall down.

No one knows,
You are crying;
So cry,
Like you never have before.

Every one loves,
When its raining,
Standing under the rain,
Even your tears are washed away!