Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Book of time
was torn into pieces
Pages were flying
All around me!!

Ink of space
was fading away
Space had shrunk
from words to a mear dot..

Missing were pieces
to fill the gaps in time..
Dried for long
is the ink of space

Still a child called dream
were picking those paper pieces
Writing with an inkless pen
the story called life!!

clinging on!!

never i knew
you'll be so difficult to part

sticking with me
through my thick and thin

i could never pull you off
how ever hard i tried

like the shadow
at the end of my shoes

all so said and done
i still dont like you

the chewing gum
stuck to my shoes!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

a short lived life..

Get out of my way
let me jump down..

Give me way
I need to fall down..

Don't stop me,
I need to crash, and die..

No, you cant stop me
I was born to die;

Born as a tear,
in your beautiful eyes!!

living parted..

Please pick up the phone
I have stories to tell

Please hear me dear
I've sorrows to part

Speak to me dear
I need to hear your voice, once more!!

And pay me dear,
I need to pay my phone bill!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

finger plays..

have i,
fire inside my heart..

and you strike,
right at the spot..

come may,
the flame out of me..

strike short
and strike right..

enlighten me,
with your fingers..

i think out of box
and i'm so afraid of wind..

so strike me, the match stick,
and you guard me from the wind!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

for a first perfect date..

Buy her a gift
Get her a card
Go to a movie
And buy her some popcorn

Go to a dinner
Not looking at the price..
Never listen, all those names
Of dishes she orders..

Listen to the blabber
And never should complain
Never should you try
To break her in between..

All these things
Said and done
Is hitch hiker's guide
To the first perfect date..

Better it is always
To have the girl
At that next table,
Than at an arms reach!!

Kept singing, I
"I'll never fall in love"
But it echoed..
"I'll never fallin love, again!!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

untold reveries..

No one told me
a flame would burn

No one told me
a cut will bleed

I was never told
a wound will still heal

Made a cut, she
in my heart..
Made a cut, she
and it kept bleeding..

And came she, seeking the heat
I served at my funeral pyre..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Why do i love her?
I know she does not

Why do i hope to see her?
I know she'll not return

Why do i wish to be with her?
I know she'll never want me.

Why do I still check her scrapbook,
knowing she has nothing in there for me.

Why do I still answer her calls,
when its not but sarcasm.

'Cause for me she's another God,
Who did not find time to hear me pray!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

living on..

walking alone
in this bustling street
my hands try to grasp
the wind that hugs it
hoping to feel the touch
that your soft palms once gave me

sitting alone
at this sea shore
my shoulders whine
wishing ur face
was just resting there

alone at the table
sipping my coffee
i look across
to see the empty chair
trying to see
you, who is not there

i walk in the rain
i walk the pain
i still have to learn
to live without you

genuine clown

sitting at that circus ring
i was laughing
at this clown
who made me laugh
and ache my stomach

what i didnt know
was he too had
an aching stomach
when i laughed
and got to know
after this play
there is no dinner
waiting for him
and he has to walk back
with an empty pocket
and make smile
his hungry child..

so he hid
the best of his joke
and didnt give me
the best laugh i could have had!!!

all in the game

In his seat
sits he, cheering

In his eyes
sparks a flare

Follows the ball,
every second of the game..

A goal is in,
And so happy he is..

Tries to stand up and cheer,
But falls back he in his chair..

Just another ball, he is
In the game fate plays..

killer's flavours..

Killer he is
butchering animals
Feeding its meat
to millions among us

Killer he is
Murdering enemies
for his own nation
and called a patriot

Killer he is
plucking the flower
sadistic fun
of an innocent child..

Killer I am
jumping off a roof
trying to fly
but learnt that I'm dumb!!

weekly bath..

not clean, you are
i said

give you a wash, i said
i will

responded like a cat
who hates its weekly bath

finally i gave it a wash
soaked and washed
well with a soap
looked shiny, after the bath

stopped talking
after the bath
my cellphone,
guess it hated the wash after all!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

storm coming..

Leaves shivers
Winds soar
Clouds are babbling
And lightning shouting
Rain drops run
And hide under ground

A storm is coming
My way!!

And I am waiting
Hoping and praying,
Life and death
Anchoring me,
On this ground

And everything blew off..
My hunger for life, still remains!!

when u left me..

Gave me hopes,
and she gave me dreams

And she left me
when I was asleep.

Left to dream all alone
and left to live so lonely

So happy I was
to be free

Had a party
and called it -
'independence day'

part - ii
all I say
at the back of my mind..

all i want
is to be strong..

still i cry
at thoughts of her..

still i cant take
she is never mine

ask my pillow
and it will know

how much i have cried
in your name..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

criminal instinct..

Took my gun
out for a walk..

Gave the bullet
a quench of thirst..

Put in the prison, I
with no guns and bullets..

Still wondering
what crime did I commit..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

silence generator

there was a machine
sitting in a dark corner

shadowed by thoughts
percieved with fright.

it took 'everything'
and returned 'nothing'.

churned 'words'
and gave out 'silence'

kids were playing
all around it
their laughs and giggles
fading into silence

birds were chirping
but to the rhythm of silence

far away..
tides were splashing, and breaking
on rocks, without their screams..

on the darkest of a night
the silent of times

a kid walked down
sobbing silently

walking close, he was
to the 'silence generator'

there was no sound,
just the tears, to his cry

searched the machine
in vain, for a voice to swallow

cried the machine
in a sky breaking roar

started to smile, the kid
his sorrows scared away!!!