Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wore a shirt,
That said many words.
Kept long hair,
And a goatee beard.

Waxed legs,
Threaded brows,
Studded ear,
No, I am not gay.

I am the rebel,
Who has no cause,
Going to the same saloon,
Talking of change.

Twists and turns,
I never will be,
Good, bad or ugly!!


I fold my hands,
And beg;
To feel a drop,
My skin, craves!

Its mind denies;
When machines think,
The tap is no more,

I'll think and find,
A cure for thoughts,
No more it should spread,
And I'll make them-

Mindless machines!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

help in need

Too short I am,
My fingers barely reaching;
I stand on my toe,
Still its too high.

I cry for help,
Victim of 'heightlessness',
There came a man,
To see the child's cry.

Took me in his arms,
Made me reach the bell,
And I ring;
And I ring.

He asks:
"Now what?"

And I whisper:

a different dance

Pages waltz,
Unread, to the breeze,
And I, droop



Sitting by the window,
To a destination unknown;
Nodding to the rhythm,
Of the train's clicks-and-clangs.

I can feel the touch,
Of nervousness in his glance,
Staring at robber soul,
Sitting by his luggage.

A sky so grey,
Like an over-washed rag,
I travel past places,
Glinting at faces.

Closed gates,
Long queues,
Honking cars,
And men-
With wiped off smiles.

Cradled by the motion,
Lullaby of the train,
A tranquil sets in,
And I, fly my dreams

Yet again...

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wet Feet

Standing in the stream,
Parting ways behind my feet,
Flows past me, kissing,
A gleeful reunion
And stream flows on, unhindered!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Coming in drenched,
I walk over to the first bench,
My shoes squishing and squashing
Drenched, just like me.

Rain is still showering,
Outside the window,
I sit there dreaming,
Of my bygone holidays!

Teacher walks in.
I dig from my bag,
And open the book,
Feeling the smell of fresh ink.

I can feel someone eying,
At my shiny new pencil.
No, I'll not lose this one,
To mom I have promised.

The ink is still wet;
Rain hasn't stopped yet.
Evergreen yesterdays-
I can feel its pull;


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Capturing a smile

I stood,
And worried.

I was to smile,
At this machine;
At its wide eye, knowing-
It will not smile back.

I am here,
And I'll smile,
To one that doesn't know-

Like a white rabbit,
Lured by the lime light,
Into the wolf's den,
Behind a little black box!!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Season turns autumn,
A wind sneaks in through my door,
And the door, laments!

Mournful melodies,
Mosquitoes sing for the night;
Silence takes its toll!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

abandoned souls

Broken pencil,
Unfinished words,
Half-blank papers,
Promises forgotten!

Wake of a man,
Who left in a hurry;
Trail of life,
Lived in a scurry!

Incompleteness prevails..

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Mind quivering,
I decide,
Hands trembling,
The pill is taken!

Thoughts crawling,
Down from every nook,
Like zombies - half dead,
They reach me, hands stretched!

Then "puff" they die,
Like a blown-out candle flame,
In a silent procession,
One by one they leave!

Life's last mile,
No steps are retraced,
Silence counts seconds,
When life,



PS: Image with due regards to the artist, not under the blog owner's copyright.