Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At Point Blank

shivering i was
held point blank
even the sweat drops
so afraid to fall down
not uttering a word
i was
doing what she asked for
scared i was
and dead pale
my dreams running
down the drain
my desire for life
holding me back
all these thoughts
going through me
when i was forced
to do the laundry
and at the other end
was my wife
holding a broom stick
ready to beat me!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Perfect Murder

My lady went off
Without a word
Growing angry
At my lady
I went and got
A sharp knife
Knife led me
To the victim
I went to the back
And I offered the stab
Stab and slice,
Stab and slice
The apple was split
Into pieces
Pieces pieces,
Tasty they were!!

Time for a change..

never had seen,
a crow flying so high
and into the clouds
it went

came out so white in color
came out like a stork
and people called it
an iconoclast!


Reasoned to myself
That it wont rain today
Told myself
Not to take the umbrella
Stepped out into the street,
Under the sun's scorching heat.
And it rained,
Drenching me all way through.
And I did meet
One with an umbrella
A beautiful girl
Who offered me a place
To stand next to her
Rains, no rains,
I never walked
Away from safety
Of that umbrella..


voices i heard
i kept trying to locate
coming from a far off realm
yet so similarso familiar
they are mine
just my echoes
bouncing off..
your closed ears!!

Awaiting Dreams

i close my eyes
and a dream comes to me
a colourful dream
a scent i can feel
one that i can remember
beautiful she is
everynight i sleep
just to meet her
she will grant me a kiss
that will make my day
keeping my spirits high,
so high that i wait,
till i fall asleep,
yet again!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love is..

Love is a question,
to be answered with love.
Love is a poem,
to be read with love.
Love is a song
sung by the heart.
Love can forget
all except the lover
And the same reason why
she keep forgetting me.



I am jealous,
of the wind touching you
of the mirror seeing you
night, putting you to sleep
that smile, kissing your lips
the ocean, hidden in your eyes
secrets, back in your mind
the time, that you live by.
Alas, I can't refrain myself
being jealous of that one you love!!


Madness Called Love

Psychiatry ward
I decided to visit
chaos the place was
filled with laughters
broken with intermittent cries
emotions changing
at the blink of an eye.

There she was
a sweet young lady
sitting at the edge of a bed
indulged in silence.

A table infront of her,
a needle on it
ready to take a bite.

She never looked scared,
ready to accept the pain.
I walked over
and stood by her bedside,
placing my hands
on her shoulders,
the least I could do
to help her out of pain.

She shot back
gave me the needle,
it was only then
I got to know
she was the doc!

Mad, I was in love
love at first sight
cured straight away
thanks to the 'doc'!!!


The door was ajar
Half open it was.
Twilight shining
On the other side

Waiting for freedom
I was
In my prison cell

I still could see
The red sun
Determined to set
Just beyond my prison walls

Tingeringly warm
Were the evening rays
Painting my celing
With an orange shade.

No one came
To close my prison door
Prisoner to my own body
Was my soul

A freedom so close
At my hand's reach,
Still failing I was
To taste that freedom.

Paralysed below the neck
Counting my living moments
Crying my unshed tears
I was,
Waiting for freedom

A prisoner of self
Fate made me,
For the crimes
I never committed..!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Saw you crying,and I rushed to you.
I was there
before that first tear drop
fell off your eyes.

It fell on my palm
hot it was
burning my palm
and my mind caught fire.

Blue were the flames
spreading like a wild fire.
consuming me with it,
to the last desires of mine.

Lying on the floor, I was
as a handful of ashes
waiting to be reborn
purified of my sins..!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bangalore Diaries - III

More than a handful of my friends have already warned me about taking a car in Bangalore traffic. It really is worser we can imagine. But I decided to give it a try myself.

So I finally decided on my own car and barely managed to get the one I wanted. Two months after the whole deal the car was still running scratch-less. People were surprised, as to, if I am actually using the car.

One day I was getting back home after my office. I always prefer roads where there are signals to the ones where drivers decide how to maneuvre. People, I have seen, get smarter when the get into the driving seat. They believe they are the only ones who are really busy. All the rest have to wait. And that makes them do a hell lot of circus on the roads. And the people who do them are mostly autorikshaw-walas.

I got a red signal at one of the junctions. I stopped my car to the left most side of the road, nearer to the foot path so that no one will overtake me from the left. A couple of seconds later, I heard a crashing sound from the rear side of my car. An auto rikshaw had actually banged to the rear left of my car, trying to get ahead of me from the left over the foot path. I suspect him believing his auto could really fly.

I was totally shocked, angry and upset. I stopped the car putting on the warning lights, and got out to blast at the auto driver. Meanwhile he somehow managed to get ahead of me and the signal suddenly went green. He shot across the road and tried to escape.

I started running after the auto. I believe I was breaking all my speed records. On the way I happened to see a traffic police officer. I told him that a hit and run case has occured with me. He left the traffic handling to the assistant and followed me.

I managed to reach the auto. Thanks to the slow moving Bangalore traffic. You can any day over take a Porsche walking infront of it, those are some rare occations when you get to be jealous of a pedestrian. I got the auto driver get the auto to one side of the road. A couple of other drivers also reached there. The traffic police also reached the spot. I went back and got the car also to the spot. I got a huge dent in the rear bumber. It could get me atleast 1500 bucks to get it fixed.

The police and the people around were talking in compromise terms. They started discussing among themselves in Kannada. Finally policeman told me in English that if I file a case, both the vehicles would be in the station for more than a week. I said I dont mind having my car in the station for a month even, till this gets settled.

Now the tone of the policeman changed. I got to know that he was trying to get me off the hook, and I also knew what he wanted of me. I never wanted to give up. He and auto driver started speaking of financial compromise. I actually could understand Kannada, though can never speak it. So this chap was actually asking the driver how much he has and how much he can give me. He showed around 50 bucks or something. The policeman was warning the auto driver saying that this would be the cost of one coffee this guy (pointing at me) takes. I told the policeman that I can understand Kannada, but can not speak. So do it the way he thinks it is fair. He asked me howmuch I expected, as a financial compensation.

Now, ball was in my court. This auto driver looked so innocent. I thought of the life I am having and life he might be living - a few children to feed, looking just at the money he earn and a whole family dependent on him. Wouldn't taking his earning away from him be a sin, atleast with the hundred fold salary I earn compared to him? But I could not let him go also. So I decided to get around 100 bucks from him. But if I asked for that, I would end up getting almost nothing other than a thanks or a sorry. And as I had guessed, I ended up getting 100 bucks instead of the 250 I asked for.

Finally leaving, I noted down his number and let him go. The rikashaw-walas might be doing a lot of anti social activities, like over charging the traveller, not going where you want but rather where he wants to go, and a lot more like that. But just take a moment. Think of how much he might be earning. Think of how extravagant a life we are leading. How much we spend without a cause or a reason. Yes, all these points never grant them the authority to do any kind of illegal activity, that is for sure. Still....(the thought lingers)..

The final smile that he granted me, when I let him go, made me feel that I got more than what I asked for.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finding Love Part - I

She sat
Next to me,
Never granting me
The glance I wished for.
Never she gifted me
The smile i longed for.
Looking out
Through the window she was,
Of a bus
Moving so slow.
Lost in dreams
I was,
Losing track of time
Every second of it.
Wishing for the journey
Never to end.
And the bus pulled over
My dreams drained out.
She got out
Looking out I was
Wishing for a last glimpse
And there she was
Looking back at me;

Finding Love Part - II

Those green eyes
So full of life,
Curisous of everything
They were.

I just wanted
To be around,
To catch a glimpse of her,
The cravings of an old mind.

I wished for a hug
That I could cherish,
Even when I am gone
Long way from this world.

After all
She was my girl,
My daughter she was,
Who never called me 'dad'!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


They laughed,
at the lone flower,
pulled out of the bunch.

It was me who pulled it out,
out of that beautiful bunch,
and it would be this loner,
who would be the token of my love.

And she smiled,
accepting the flower,
kissing it with her full lips,
telling how much she loved me.

I could still hear
someone singing in the garden
a solitary song, a single line,
'It's always better by the lot'.

Got to feel, the sweet taste of India

Flight arrived at London on time. The customs checking had started and most of the security checks went through eventlessly.

Suddenly, one could notice the change on the face of the security official. They had identified something, that they couldnt identify in one of the baggages.

This was the time when my friend, Sas, went to pickup the exact same baggage. There she was greeted by an officer waiting to see the possesor of the bag.

The security officer opening the bag, asked

"excuse me young lady, could you please tell me what this would be?" and he handed out a cone like utensil, rolled in colourful paper. And Sas, was not not taken aback by a sudden question.

"Oh, yes. That would be the souvenier from home, India. It is a type of Indian chocolate."

"So, you say this is chocolate, right? Can I taste one of them?"

"Oh, sure. Carry on! I have enough with me."

The security personnel took out one and had a bite of it.

"But this does not taste like chocolate. It aint even sweet. What is this exactly".

"Oh I think you have never tried Indian food. There everything is spicy, even the chocolates. And this happens to be one of them."

"Is that so. Sorry ma'am. I thought.." The security officer's voice trailed off.

"It is fine. You can keep the piece if you would like to."

"Thank you. And have a nice day". Security officer, handed the bag to Sas and waved at her.

"Welcome", she said and walked off.

It was 2 weeks back that this British born and brought up girl had come down to India to attend a typical Indian wedding. Though born to Indian parents, Indian tradition was quite new to her. The music, the crowd everything aroused her curiosity. The thing which captured her the most was the mehndi pen. The cone like thing, used to paint on the bride's palms, the pen being filled with a herb which gave a colour when put on the palm.

Walking out of the airport, Sas couldnt control her giggles, imagining what mehndi would have tasted like.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was her last tear,
The last one my mother shed.
Not of pain,
But of shear joy.

Leaving mother cloud,
I started a journey,
To a known destination
A journey through the unknown

I wasn't alone,
My million brothers with me.
Born to the same cloud,
Born to the same rain.

The fate was decided
Even before we were born
Born to die
Die unnoticed.

But death cheated me,
Landing on a flower
I stayed alive
To watch my brothers die.

Soil was wet
Wet with my brothers blood
Earth was a battle ground
A battle never won and never lost.

When the last hope was gone,
Life wasn't worth living,
I left the flower,
And I was falling again.

Closing my eyes
Arms wide open
A million memories awakened in me,
Waiting to embrace death.

I but never died,
But joined my brothers
And those born before me
Fallen into the same river.

There is no death,
Just a reunification
Of a million souls
Who lived their own lives all alone!!