Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beauty of Life

“Obedience” the only word it has known from the beginning. It knew only to take orders from its master, but never gave its own. There was no question of freedom of thought or action. Knowing the eternal truth, that its master will leave it one day, the day it could never perform its master’s orders. Still, I wonder why there was no freedom fight, no heroes and no martyrdom.

Why there are no activists? None to support the oppressed. Is it because none has seen this? I don’t think so. It is eternally prevalent. Yet none dared to question this! This slavery is there with you and me. It has been there from the beginning of life itself. Then why this bias? Why none of our favourite heroes make an appearance here.

Freedom is virtual. It is like asking for something that does not exist, for something that is the axiom of life itself. Let it remain the irony of life. Adding itself to the millions of answerless questions, dilemmas that make life this much beautiful.

Things of Profound Interest

Things and then there are things, and they have been there all the time, so beautiful, so extraordinary, but often overlooked just due to the naïve look.

Things and then there are things, that has never been there, but are there always on the mind, like the emotions of a shadow.

Things, and then there are things, at the back of the mind, like a splinter, waiting to give birth to a flame.