Friday, March 07, 2008

voice from skies

This aint so strange,
Talking to ghosts.
This aint so wierd,
Soul replying a man!

Words are thrown,
From world to heaven.
And the soul silently waits,
Catching them at the window!

Middle of the night,
Friendly thoughts,
Ghostly feelings,
But I am a brave man!

Talking to my love,
Hidden to the world,
In her chat window!!



PS: Image with due courtesy to the artist.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

spring, summer, autmn, winter

Fragrant words,
Of a divine love,
Now I know,
The season is spring!

Love - it grows,
Passions wild
With the torrid feel,
Summer comes!

Tears they fall,
Like the autmn leaves,
In joy, in smiles,
In pain, in sorries!

All that I pray
To the God, up above,
Never come the winter may,
Leaving me cold!!


PS: Image with due courtesy to the artist.

Monday, March 03, 2008

little star

In my blue sky;
What my dear,
Are you scared of!

Come my dear,
Hop off the bed;
Night has come,
So has the moon!

The blue quilt,
You slept under;
Did you not know,
Has now turned black!

Come my dear,
Come by my window;
Grant me a smile,
And shine on my face!

PS: Image not under copyright. With due regards to the artist.


The glass breaks; And it
lies - opaque.

PS: Image with due credits to the artist.