Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I believe..

I can see the cracks,
Running over the wall.
I still believe,
It is not going to fall!

I know the room is dark,
Painted black,
I still believe,
I can see your eyes sparkle.

I can feel this dingy,
This strange place;
I still believe,
This can be heaven,
with you around!

Running my fingers,
I feel the floor so coarse,
I still believe,
It can be silk linen,
with you in my arms!

After the Rain

After the rain,
Made love to earth,
After the clouds part,
Moon shines again.

In the drops of love,
Caught on the leaves,
Moon shine,
Just like pearls!

Under the new spun blanket,
Earth sleeps,
Catching dreams,
Flying fireflies!

In the whispers of wind,
Leaves quiver,
The drops of love, trickles,
Falling on her face..

Earth sighs, in her sleep!!

Silent Night

"What the wind,
Whispered to the candle?"
Asked the darkness,
To the flame!

"Sang a song,
Told me stories,
From beyond the seven seas,
Where the wind comes from!"

Said the flame,
To the voids,
Of a blowing breeze!

Said the wind,
"Come with me,"
And went the flame,
Dancing with the wind!

Light then melted
Into darkness,
Darkness, going to sleep,
With a satiated appetite!!

One still can hear -
The whispers, of light and candle,
And the snores of the darkness,
In the deepest silence of the nights!!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

school days

A game of hide and seek,
I slip away from mom's hands.
I hide behind the curtains,
Hoping, the hands won't find me!

Here she comes,
Running after me,
With that ever-forgiving smile,
And pulls my cheeks!

Making me look prim,
Like a four year old groom;
I run away,
As if afraid of the bride!

Yet again a game begins,
Me hiding,
Eyes searching,
And hands finding!

Gone are the school days,
I still yearn for!
Lazy days, the hide and seek;
All is gone;
But my mom's ever forgiving smile!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Across a paddy field

They stand still -
A pack of soldiers,
With green blades!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A no-twist-in-tale story

I know,
The story ends.

The story of self,
Drama of life.
Thespian art,
I play, but not for a living.

I keep waiting,
To take my final bow,
Your august presence,
In a front row seat.

I'll bow,
To none but you.
And till you are here,
The curtain will not fall.

Isn't it life,
What we all live for?

Kitchen tales

Vessels are talking,
Sitting in some dark corner,
Cat in my kitchen.

Dead Man's Grave

In the dead man's grave,
Burried were
Some unblossomed flowers,
That never lived, beyond buds.

Sleeping with him,
Were dreams, never realized;
Dreams, he never had a chance
To see in his life time.

Lying as crumbles,
Were words unsaid,
Words of love, words of joy;
Words for a million reasons!

In the dead man's grave -
The treasure trove -
I found everything,
All but vestiges of life!!

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Monday, April 14, 2008


Army of red ants,
Sailing all the seven seas,
In a green leaf ship.

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Nature's Dance

Flowers dance,
Rhythm of a wind -
Fragrant thoughts!


Broken window pane,
Cricket and restless children -
Summer has arrived!

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