Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Night Life

And I bent down,
To pickup the black marbles,
That night had thrown at me.
Beautiful they were,
Sparkling in the light,
Of a million stars.
And my fingers could almost touch them,
When they started rolling down.
Down the alleys,
Of endless night life.
Down they rolled,
To the river so dark.
And I followed them,
Into the river.
And finally I lost track
Of these beautiful marbles,
When drops of water,
Challenged and won my life..!!

Roses, Dew Drops and a Morning Sky

Tripping over a flower,
I fell down,
On to a thorn,
Piercing me in my eyes.

My eyes started bleeding,
And the white rose,
Turned ravishingly red,
Waiting to be seen.

Sun rose,
Above the horizon,
Painting the skies red,
With the blood on the rose.

Rose lost all its colours,
Blood no more red,
Was still clinging to the flower,
Shining as a beautiful dew drop.

And my eyes could still see,
The reflections of a red sun,
On the dew drop,
Kissing the white rose.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I, me, myself

All the time I am thinking of me. This lead me to browse through (the initial few pages of) Douglas Hofstaeder's 'The Mind's I'. I picked up this from there.

I have a body. I have a mind. I have a brain. So what am I? What does this 'I' point to? We say I have a brain, and not I am brain. So what does this I mean?