Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Born ignorant
had to learn life.
Learnt the first word
from my mother.
Taught me my first steps,
my father.
And then came the journey
in tears, every day to school..

Learnt a lot
even to get over the tears..
Learnt the words
I am writing with..
Learnt rights and wrongs
and learnt to correct
the from wrongs to rights..

And then a point came
when i had no teachers
left with life
alone to learn!!

Learning never stops
and the first few steps
makes all the difference

And I fold my hands
in courtesy and respect
to all who taught me
and made me what I am!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

around the world in...

i set forth the sail
the ship on its way

the paper boat
with sailor ants..

around the world
a journey so long!!

i sat at the shore
seeing them off

i still sit at the shore
waiting for them to come back!!

will they?

the ants of thoughts,
they never bite..
the paper boat of dreams,
it never will sink!!

in love..

wanted to be in love,
waiting to be loved!

and fell off,
the love..

on my way down..
i found my love,
falling down
with me..

but here he comes,
her true love..
flies back, he
with she, in his arms!!

fall down i did,
and falling down i am
an endless fall,
with the flow of life!



thrown at me,
under an aegis of belief!!

throw at me;
no, i wont falter
my belief stays!!

never changes,
but will bounce
off a harder shell -



world of words..

Sit by the words,
travel by the poem,
never miss the sceneries,
you can never get it else where.

Rebels and revolts,
rhymes and fairy tales,
all will come,
just keep watching!!

Through that window-
and run to a new world
poetry through words..

And now i surely do miss..
the English alphabet classes..
I bunked in the prime
of my kindergarten days!!


Friday, August 24, 2007

dining with love..

A dinner
A table
just for two..
An order
for french champagne,
and another,
Italian pasta!

Something new
I'vent asked for..


Dropping down,
over our table..
the champagne crucible,
half empty to full!!

The perfect ambience
for eternal romance!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hare and the tortoise..

The race was on again,
Me the tortoise, and him the hare!

Had read the story,
I, already!
Hoping to win
I was in this race too!

Had read the story,
him, too..

The race to win
the love of our hearts!

My tiny legs,
and my tortoise pace
failed to take me
to her ahdead of him!

Lost in the race,
lost to get a love!
My tortoise pace,
will never win a race!!


I thought love was true..
I thought love was eternal..

Never knew love lasts,
only till my hair lasts..

Every morning, i used to wake up,
to the sweet kiss you had for me!

And now growing bald,
you left me in a corner..

I am still so happy for you
that you found another love!

Another toothbrush,
the one that hasnt gone bald!!

But where is the love, you had for me?
Come, take a look at me once in a while!!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I flew to the moon,
and swam in its milky ocean!

I went to the sun,
and dried my bedraggled linen!

I heard the joke,
and I shared the star's grin!

And drowned in your love,
I saw all heavens!!
Couldn't hold it any more,
like a balloon,
with so much air

Going to explode i was!
Filling into me,
faster than i could expel
were emotions,
that I had to give off
as smiles and tears,
anger and grins

Oh! life..
keep filling my life;
my empty crucible
with the wine of emotions!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eternal Love?

Here she comes,
plucks a flower..
The flower,
the blossom of the day..

Here comes he,
she gives him the flower..
Says thanks, he
tasting the divine fragrance..

Love is found
Love is shown..
No more flower
It is no more needed..

Flower falls off
his hands, no one sees
falls the flower
over the plant!!

Here she comes,
plucks a flower..
Yet another flower,
blossom of yet another day..

Monday, August 13, 2007

a child and the night!!

with its lofty foot steps
comes and wakes up
the sleeping child

shows him
the dark sky
it had spread

shows him
the moon smiling
and the stars grinning

Sleepy child
rubs his eyes
tries to stay awake
with his curious eyes drooping!!

Falls asleep, he
still with a smile
on his innocent face

kisses him good bye
and goes away with his dark blanket
giving him yet another day, to play, and smile!!

a dedication..

I want to be a child again
in my parent's arms
I want to be the child again
giving my parent's the smile

I want to be my momma's child
feeling safe, sleeping like a baby
in her arms
head on her lap

I want to be the kid, who
my father taught to walk
with whom who fought,
pretending that he lose every time!

Oh, time..
can I be a child again
curious about the world
untouched by its evils!!

Oh, time...
make me a better man,
for my mom and dad..
Give me stronger hands
that they feel safe and secure
and sleep on my shoulders,
untouched by the world's evils!!

crying for you..

walk forward
dont look back

dont see me in tears
dont turn back

'coz i cant stand
seeing you in tears,

dear, oh! im so helpless
to cry with you any more
'cause im already crying
i'm already in tears

known - unknown..

a bus
with a white board

destination unknown

with a single seat

just for me..

to a place unknown
along the places i knew
with faces i know, along the way..

to the hue of fantasy
to the feel of happiness..

it was the bus
of sleep..
taking me along
scenic views of amazing dreams!!

a joke's life..

the poor joke
didnt get a smile

it was on the run
to meets its life's destiny

had to find a smile
to end its life with

it did finally find
a smile running ahead of it

and it did chase
and run up to the smile!!

and the story ends,
ending the joke, with a smile..

Sunday, August 12, 2007


a foggy window..
a small finger..
drawing figures!!

mist again..
under the mist again..

in me..
never quits
again and again..

new born tears
billowing water drops
falls off the end
of a fading drawing!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

in my garden of thoughts..

yet another dawn breaks
one more flower blooms,

the billowing dew,
so austere its beauty

a bird on some far off branch
taught by the nature, sings at his best

its the dawn of my thought
a poem just like the flower

the words accruing in
pouring the poem, its flesh and blood..

and yet another reader wakes up
to the dawn of my poem!!


paper clock

light is falling
on the old paper

casting shadows
of my own words

and growing longer
are the shadows

making me wonder
how fast the time passes by

turning yellow
the scribbled pages

telling me the fact
even I am growing older!!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wishing if...

How can i feel you
and wipe away your tears

Those same tears
throwing shivers, even through the fire

And there you stood,
lit in a yellow glow

By my funeral pyre,
and me, dying,

a million times more,
for every tear that falls down!!

never lost!!

i never lost it,
some one found it!
found it more useful
so he just stole it!!

i never lost it,
it just moved on,
just like the flow
from jug to a glass!!

i never lost my love
but someone else loved her more!!
i never lost my life
it was a journey, my soul was destined for!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

last man standing!!

Alone in a strange land
it fought for the values it served

Holding together
the thoughts it served

Clinging on
to the beliefs it had

It was the last man standing
and finally he too fell off!!

He was the last screw
that my mind had to call me sane!!


My first tag ever, thanks to busywriter!! :o)


1. Smoked a cigarette?:

Yes. The chilling winters of Manali did make me taste the feel of a cigarette!! But the first one was not that.

When I was around 4 years old, I used to have a habit of carrying around cigarettes, when ever I could get my hands on one. Once my dad and my uncle decided to make me quit. They made me smoke one, I coughed and coughed and finally did quit picking cigarettes!

2. Stolen a car?: Better than stealing. My cousin's car got locked with his keys inside, an old Maruti 800. So finally we couple of fellas literally broke into the car. Sushhhh... did I tell that out!! Oops, I wasnt supposed to!! ;o)

3. Shoplifted?: Never... had a chance!! :o)

4. Been in a fist fight? I am no big time bully, but the one I can still remember was when I was in third grade. Me and a classmate of mine, fought for some silly reason which I can't remember. But, what I do remember is the punishment, which was the worst one I (and my friend) ever had, be in the class without our (torn) shirts for the whole day, and to add, had to keep wearing that tie!!

5. Snuck out of your parent's house?: Never had a chance because an ever agreeing parents. Thanks to them!! :o)

6. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Yes, a huge crush!! Lucky I was wearing a helmet.

7. Been arrested?: Nopes. Here in this part of the world, not even the politicians are getting arrested, then how me!!

8. Gone on a blind date?: Better, I will drive, blind folded!! :o)

9. Skipped school?: My mom used to say, when I was in my KG class, my condition for going to the school on a day was that I wont be asked to go to the class the next day, and more importantly, the teacher won't teach me a thing!! And it worked like that for more than a year!! Lucky me, how I ever had a chance to do schooling with that KG conduct certificate!!

10. Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: I had and do have a fascination towards flames and fire. But this stunt, I never have tried. There is a border line between being adventurous and stupid, I believe!!

11. Been jet-skiing?: Not yet!! I would do sky diving than jet skiing. 'Coz you can never complain about a faulty parachute in sky diving!! :o)

12. Met someone in person from the Internet?: Yup. Not just one, many - from the Ah, Poetry community on orkut. That was one of the best get together I ever had.

13. Flown a kite?: I've had tried making a kite of my own with newspaper, as a kid. Only then I got to know kites require special paper, else it won't fly. I think I learnt it the hard way!! :o)

14. Built a sand castle?: Nopes sands was never good with me!!

15. Gone puddle jumping?: Oh, I just love it. Now, the improvised version of it. Driving my bike or car through a puddle, but scared of the hidden potholes though!!

16. Cheated while playing a game?: Cheating - I guess it depends on the mood, and the partner!!

17. Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: Oh man, that is what classes in the afternoon are meant for!! Grow up people!!

18. Used a fake ID?: Nopes!! No faking to fake as a faker!!

19. Felt an earthquake?: No, but missed a tsunami though, when I was living at Pondicherry. I was sound asleep on a Sunday morning. Mom called me up early in the moring to know if I was all right. She heard the news of tsunami affecting a lot of places over the eastern coast of India. I still wonder, if I had been swept by the tide, what my reply would have been - "mommie, I can talk when I am swimming. Ill park myself at some shore and will return you the call!!" LOL

20. Touched a snake?: Have worn a python around my neck and I still have that snap!!

21. Slept beneath the stars?: Childhood day memories again. Me, mom and dad, sleeping at the open terrace, staring at the stars, hearing the dance of coconut trees to the breeze..

22. Been robbed?: yup. The security person at the supermarket stole my iPod from the bag, I handed over to him before entering the store!! I think the security guard secured it, better than me for sure!!

23. Been misunderstood?: yup, even better, misinterpreted!! My ex-company, I went to work there on a Saturday, and went over to park the bike at the two wheeler parking lot. Security guard said, only employees are permitted to park here. I showed him my id. He literally looked at me and the photograph with a look as if, what this kid is doing here, with a bike!!

24. Won a contest?: Yeah. Once I got a call saying that I have won a contest and has got a free holiday at Malaysia. But the catch was that I never had participated, nor had I even heard of the contest. That was scary!!

25. Been suspended from school?: Had been thrown out of the class, but never out of the school, luckily. I was thrown out of the class for not having my drawing book. I stood the entire hour outside the class, and finally i came to realize that the book was there in between the pages of another larger book!!

26. Been in a car accident?: No, but a bike accident- yes! And was a hairline escape too, with a broken - jaw, neck cartilege, wrist; punctured knee cap, and around 9 stitches on my chin!! Will that do!!?

27. Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: No pints. I had finished a pack of 1.5 liters of ice cream in one go! I hope that is good enough!!

28. Walked the streets drunk?: Yup, once. Back in the streets of Manali. My friends had a bad time holding me from jumping off the edge of the road, where there was a gorge, and a river flowing way below!! That was my first booze in life, all with just a beer!!

29. Had déjà vu?: Not exactly, atleast not with someone like me who tries to push off fate controlling my life!!

30. Danced in the moonlight?: Me, dancing? That too in moonlight!!? What's the music, dogs howling!!? :o)

31. Squished barefoot through the mud?: Its just the initial inertia, once you get into the mud, you start loving the sensation!! Atleast I did!! But mom, didnt when I got inside the house with the same pair of legs!! :o)

32. Been lost?: I'm almost always lost in thoughts, especially when I am attending serious lectures!!

33. Swum in the ocean?: Yup. I think that's a nice way to dump a girlfriend!!

34. Cried yourself to sleep?: No, I cant do two things at a time - cry and be sleepy!!

35. Played cops and robbers?: Yes, best was inside the exam hall; me the cop and answers the robbers!!

36. Recently coloured with crayons?:Not exactly crayons, but I do work with oil pastels quite often!

37. Sung karaoke?: Me, singing? Check for the previous post in my blog. Nothing more to say!!

38. Paid for a meal with only coins?: Never the whole amount. For just coins I won't even get to smell food now-a-days, be how much ever the rupee value gain compared to dollars!!

39. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: I guess so. Going back to the door I locked, to recheck, once, twice, thrice, first from the same floor back, then from the ground floor, and finally back from parking lot!! Man, I am really crazy at times!!

40. Made prank phone calls?: Have received a few. One that I remember, a guy called me up saying it was one of my classmate girl. She started from saying that "she" loves me. Suddenly her voice changed and became a male voice. Now the person at the other end became her brother. Again a voice change later, he became another guy in my class who took that I was in love with this girl, whom he was following. Now this is what i call double cross and tripple cross!! :D

41. Written a letter to Santa Claus?: May be to Albert Einstein, but not to Santa Claus!!

42. Blown bubbles?: Oh, yes, I tried that with my mouth once when I was a kid, and for that trick, I had a bite of a soap too!! :o)

43. Bonfire on the beach?: Never been on a beach at the night, even putting the fact that beach is just a 20km drive from my house!!

44. Cheated on a test?: Never, but tests have cheated me a lot of times!! LOL

45. Skinny-dipping in a pool?: I am a little hesitant to do that!!

Let the tag spread, writer to reader!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

sa ri ga ma...

I was excited to hear that a Carnatic music class right in my office. Born to a passionate music lover dad and a great singer mom, I had no apprehensions with my singing skills. I was a little petrified that this was the first time I was going to let someone else hear my singing skills.

We few sat in a circle around Guruji. He said, first he have to check the pitch of each one, that he can club students of similar pitch together.

Incidentially, I was the one sitting next to Guruji. He asked me to start with. Shying, I said, I'll sing at the end, thinking that I'll get some time to compare my inborn skills with the rest of the pack.

Take 1:
Guruji: "I'll sing sa re ga ma. Just sing the same way as i do".
First disciple: "Instead can I sing a hindustani song?"
At the nod of Guruji, he sang a song.
Guruji: "you sing so well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Just around for 10 years. Now I want to learn carnatic!"

No, I was not shocked!!

Take 2:
Guruji: "Now you sing as I sing."
Second disciple: "Ok, master."
He sings and she mimicks.
Guruji: "You also sings well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Yes. I have passed junior and senior grade of carnatic too. But I havent been singing for last 7 years or more. So I just wanted to recuperate on things."

Take 3:
Guruji: "Can we start."
Third disciple: "Sure."
After the session
Guruji: "Your shruti is good. You can learn things fast."
disciple: "My daughter sings. So I used to practice with her".
Guruji: "Then it should be good."

The story continues.


Take 10:
Guruji: "Now you'll sing right"?
Me: "No problem".
Guruji: "SAAAA.........."
Me: "saaaa..."

(Note the difference in tone). I could feel an expression on Guruji's face. I have never seen theis look on someone's face, as if they had seen a ghost. Suddenly it went off. He came to normal senses (with an expression, oh lord, let me try again).

Guruji:" RIIIIIIIIIII...."
Me: "riiiiiiiiiiii....."
Guruji: "what did you sing just now?"
Me: "ri saar".
Guruji: "You had to tell me that. I thought it was GA".
Me: "Ohh".

Guruji: "try at a different pitch - Saaaaaa"
Me: "saaaaa... " (same old pitch)
Guruji: "sAAAAAA...."
Me: "saaaaa...."
Guruji: "Well, I'd suggest, you better listen to some songs for a while and come back to me in say a couple of years". (he thought he mite not live so long or something of that sort).
Me: "........."

Class co-ordinator: "So you will be starting the classes next week, right?"
Guruji: "Due to unforseen circumstances, I need a vacation for one month!"
Co-ordinator: "Then when do we start!?"
Guruji: "Beginning of next month".

Me: Oh, man, what a great singer I am. Can some one create a magic better than this?

laugh at me!!

I am just another clown
making people smile

But I got no pranks
to make you smile,

Just some words
and a drop of wit!!

And it makes me glad
when I see you smile;

Forgetting the sorrows,
that sparked the writ!!

Still the cut bleeds,
and the wound pains!!
Still my face smiles,
sharing the laughter you served!!

Games God Play

Oh, God the games you play
and the wonders you do

i'm nothing but amazed
standing as a mere observer

you make things vanish in thin air
and you create things out of the vacuum

you come in forms,
and you play with our emotions

and now today, you made
my bike, disappear in thin air

and tomorrow ill get a gift,
scribed in a paper - a summons!!

and im so agog, you playing with my emotions,
with the deeds you do, through the hands of cops!!

Oh, God please make the cops
behave so normal

And let them take
The bribe, as normal as ever!!

ironic love!!

I'm in a trance,
every time i get a glance..

I know its mundane
for me to refrain..

All i need is to gain,
you without any more pain!!

After all, we all are so humane,
knowing you'll be our live's bane!!

Oh money, my life will be so dreadful,
if my purse aint full!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

silently waiting!!

How long have I waited,
Just to get a glimpse of you!!

How long I've waited,
Just to get a hold of you!!

I never knew,
How you got into my life!!

Breaking the silence of my nights,
Breaking the flow of my dreams!!

Oh, my rat, I'll catch you one day
and will throw you out of my house!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

everybody hurts!!

what will i do..
if i lose my stand in this world

what can i do
if no one wants to take me in

what will i do
if no one sees my tears

who will i run to..
where will i hide

ill hide behind my words
ill go under my shadow's blanket!!

everybody hurts..sometimes!!
and i do have to turn numb!!

peace by peace

lets have some peace
cut in piece

let's serve peace
piece by piece

so each piece
tastes of peace

and every one should
have their share of peace!!

Where is my God?

Who are you waiting for?
What are you praying for?

Havent you ever seen,
Havent you realised

God is long begone
He's no where to be found!!

His anarchist creations,
Toppled his throne!!

Even God could be hurt,
Even God does cry!!

You have seen the rains,
Haven't you!!?

a stranger so strange..

I don't understand why,
He keeps staring at me!!

I dont understand why,
He keeps laughing me!!

Am I so stupid?
Am I so funny??

Someone ask him to stop!!

Now I know why,
He's caged - in the cage of a mirror!!