Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Age Colonialism

Continuing on my last post; I should add one more word - it was never my intention to say foreigners are misbehaving by any means. It is, but, the realisation of where we actually stand on the globe. Are we proud that we are Indians, born of rich heritage? Or just a waste basket back in the corner of the globe; getting filled with the global waste - economically (with the outsourcing) and by every means possible?

Again, when some fellow Indian comes and tell you - ' are an Indian!! You are not allowed here, in this part of India.' - how would that sound? For me it feels like the Indian soldiers who used beat-up fellow Indians during the British regime.

After Thought: How can I say so proudly of Indian heritage, when I myself, wear Levi's Ts...american jeans...and all sort of *foreign* accessories. That sounds too ironic, even to myself. :-) But accepting the best, is a way of making ourselves better. Isn't that so? And all I wanted was to see a better India, by all means.

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