Monday, January 08, 2007


I am back on my canvas (acrylic on canvas to be exact) sessions. After a long break, I painted (or tried to paint) some emotions I had to express.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

smthg like self analysis ?

Vagrant Seeker said...

this painting is beautiful..
esp d shadow of the lone person in d canvas..sumtimes ur shadows past are d only comapnions-
mayb im jus readin too much into this..but still this is beautiful and i mean it-
unlike d way u commented on my blog..NER :)

Marthyan said...

Beautiful Painting

Priyankari said...


jagadeesh said...

@ deepa
Maya is the word...there is no analysis here...but just self.

@vagrant seeker
shadow is an inseperable part you have to bear with you. at times it could represent the projection onself has outside himself.

Thank you for coming and commenting...and do keep visiting again!!

nice to see you back again and thank you!!

Dawn said...

Nice way of expressing 'Maya' - I would like to know, is it difficult, to focus on what you want and what your mind wants?