Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who Stole My Tea Bags?

Today I was at my desk to see my tea bags were stolen. Every single one of them, that were remaining. The packet was left on my desk, more like a souvenier.

What makes some one steal others things? Is it perforce? I don't think that could be the only reason. If so, how rich, or happy can one get stealing a bunch of tea bags! It could be that the person derives a kind of pleasure, a feeling of success, in achieving something that only a few can do (literally).

"Opportunity makes a thief.
" - Francis Bacon

That seems a good enough explanation!

If jealousy, greed and all such sinful emotions could be traced back to the beginning of societies, theft should have been a part of prehistoric life too. And the day thieves were born, cops should also have been. Then when did cops start playing thieves themselves?
"But there's a certain mindset to playing a thief that differs from playing a cop." - Andre Braugher

OK. All these thoughts have got me tired. And, I heard coffee is better than tea. So who wants a tea bag (atleast I wish if I could say so).

1 comment:

Dawn....सेहर said...

hahahaha thats a good way to get adjusted :D
I guess it could be someone who must have been in need of tea and just saw it and took it ...thinking...big deal :D
Tea or Coffee all has its pros n cons ;)