Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Night Life

And I bent down,
To pickup the black marbles,
That night had thrown at me.
Beautiful they were,
Sparkling in the light,
Of a million stars.
And my fingers could almost touch them,
When they started rolling down.
Down the alleys,
Of endless night life.
Down they rolled,
To the river so dark.
And I followed them,
Into the river.
And finally I lost track
Of these beautiful marbles,
When drops of water,
Challenged and won my life..!!


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! I didnt know that you are a poet too :)
Amazing words of expression...!
Keep up the good work

Believer, for now.. said...

its simply beautiful..
very simple
very beautiful..

Priyankari said...