Wednesday, July 04, 2007

silence generator

there was a machine
sitting in a dark corner

shadowed by thoughts
percieved with fright.

it took 'everything'
and returned 'nothing'.

churned 'words'
and gave out 'silence'

kids were playing
all around it
their laughs and giggles
fading into silence

birds were chirping
but to the rhythm of silence

far away..
tides were splashing, and breaking
on rocks, without their screams..

on the darkest of a night
the silent of times

a kid walked down
sobbing silently

walking close, he was
to the 'silence generator'

there was no sound,
just the tears, to his cry

searched the machine
in vain, for a voice to swallow

cried the machine
in a sky breaking roar

started to smile, the kid
his sorrows scared away!!!

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