Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Random Thought (3)..

A plank is laid,
the scene is set;
People are cheering,
something's about to happen!

Appears a lady,
in her rags,
holding a child,
and the cheering grows!

Sun, about to set,
as if closing his eyes.
And waves grow, feets high,
trying to swallow their ship!

On to the plank,
she is pushed.
A sword's tip,
leading her on.

The last breath,
the last tear; In despair,
she looks at the baby,
the sweetest thing on earth.

She plunges,
ocean, she recieves her,
as her own daughter,
and to the bottom, she's carried!

Her spirits never died,
seeking revenge, she wanders,
the seven oceans,
capsizing ships, ending lives!

In her breath,
born are tsunamis
On her command,
wakes up hurricanes.

Mankind, wicked as always,
she, powerful as ever,
lives on,
paths crossing each other.

And every time,
a lesson taught,
is a lesson forgotten,
'cause man, he can never learn!


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