Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was her last tear,
The last one my mother shed.
Not of pain,
But of shear joy.

Leaving mother cloud,
I started a journey,
To a known destination
A journey through the unknown

I wasn't alone,
My million brothers with me.
Born to the same cloud,
Born to the same rain.

The fate was decided
Even before we were born
Born to die
Die unnoticed.

But death cheated me,
Landing on a flower
I stayed alive
To watch my brothers die.

Soil was wet
Wet with my brothers blood
Earth was a battle ground
A battle never won and never lost.

When the last hope was gone,
Life wasn't worth living,
I left the flower,
And I was falling again.

Closing my eyes
Arms wide open
A million memories awakened in me,
Waiting to embrace death.

I but never died,
But joined my brothers
And those born before me
Fallen into the same river.

There is no death,
Just a reunification
Of a million souls
Who lived their own lives all alone!!

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Priyankari said...

Awesome thoughts!!Great poem!!