Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a simple life

"Will be late, you two go to sleep"
Says my wife, closing the door..
Missing her mother, on my lap,
The baby lies, and she cries.

Strikes twelve, in the middle of the night,
Some grandpa clock, up in a corner.
Heard a click, and some chairs falling,
Finally, my wife is back.

Shakes me up, and wakes me up,
And shouts at me, "where is that whiskey bottle"
A chill just runs, down my spine.
Knowing that it slipped and fell from my hands

All the screams and all the shouts
All I did wish, was, if I could drink.
Thrown to a corner, I try to find some peace,
But all I could hear was a baby crying..

1 comment:

Shal said...

very diff from ur usual, but funny yet :P