Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't talk,
My line is dead;
But my line-man's here;
And he needs money.

I won't be heard
Till my phone comes alive,
But my line-man's here;
And he needs bribe.

Granted a hundred,
Wanted a peek,
Into my wallet.

Twenty bucks remained,
And his eyes caught on that.
Mind vascillating
And his fingers, pointing.

Give me my bribe,
Will be done later.

So payed him the money,
For karma, is what matters,
And results, will come your way;
So, God has said!!



vrinda said...

neat! loved the pun and satire on karma :)

jagadeesh said...

Thank you. Gained from real life experience! :)

alba said...

I can easily relate to that situation,I am still waiting for my good karma to come back, too... (sigh)...