Friday, February 15, 2008

beyond childhood

When I grew up,
Men told me,
There is no sky,
But its still blue!

When I became a man,
They told me,
There is no santaclaus,
But still there is Christmas!

Lost with my childhood,
Where the monsters,
Living under my bed;
Still, I do wake;
Sleep-broken, by nightmares

Hurts and pains,
Sugar coated words,
Lies and belies,
All makes us men!

Lost innocence,
I gained manhood!
Lost childhood,
Manhood, regained!!


vrinda said...

but isn there a child in everyman? and as shakespere puts it,isn there a second childhood for evryone?...

but yes...even i rue the death of many an innocent day...wen i thot the world was gud and that sun sets to take a bath in the sea...

jagadeesh said...

Yes. You are right. When one knows what part of childhood one has lost, one can gain it back, be it ephemeral. But there are some silly, but cute parts of childishness that a man can never get back.

When man becomes a complete child, people call him "kiddish" and not a "kid".

Thank you Vrinda for your comment and so too your time!

Vagrant Seeker said...

really nice..


alba said...

bittersweet, but accepting. very moving.