Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ah, Poetry! -- Innocence Lost

Where has the charm gone, I ask, when I visit the "Ah, Poetry..." community on Orkut now-a-days. It used to be one community of budding and veteran poets, having poetic exchanges, comments and criticisms and so forth.

I still remember the day I joined the community; almost a year back. It was very addictive. Poetry became an indispensable part of my life, fired by the inspiration- of knowing that there are readers who take time and read your poem.

Now what remains is petty fights, egoism and a once-in-a-while appearing gem of poems. "Why?" my mind asks. Here is the ten commandments of "Ah, Poetry..." (*and many of them, I live with it, knowing nothing can be done).

  1. Give more to get more (comments).
  2. To get maximum comments (*but most of them nothing but a half read, or rather not-read comment saying 'nice', 'great' and all such) you have to be a female.
  3. To get more comments (*to top up on 1.) you need to be a female with a profile pic (*beautiful the better).
  4. Every one has a hidden intention- satisfying an ego, snatching some fame, irritating one that gets the most comments and so on the list goes.
  5. The best way to get a girl accept your friendship request (*proven) is to read a dozen of her poems, put in some sweet comments interspersed with some criticisms (*for that she has to write one or two poems which are understandable) and then send the request. 99% you will be accepted.
  6. Everyone starts with a spree, that he/she got more comments than mine (*and my mind saying, that no that write is not even worthy as mine), so I need to do something about it.
  7. Blessed- Anonymity allowed. Hide behind the veil and shout all things filthy- decent outside, indecent inside- and act, there is no fairer an angel than me!
  8. Everyone complains, but the fact is, to a poet, nothing can be a replacement for "Ah, Poetry!".
  9. Everyone complains, but the fact is, to a poet, nothing can be a replacement for "Ah, Poetry!".
  10. Finally (almost) everyone reaches a stage of 'Nirvana', where no one's pranks affect you; drag you into controversies, and you remain 'selectively-blind'.
Tail Note:
I haven't written this as a finger-pointing article at anyone. Till a wordly fight becomes a fist fight, silence can be the best aegis.


Musings of a wanderer said...

I wonder why these things happen!
May be I am selectively blind :) . I just keep posting.

Macadamia The Nut said...

You have SO aptly described most of the community 'behavior' on Orkut my friend. LOL! Hell, you've just described shallow Orkut itself. :D

Soumya said...

Jagadeesh , With these ten observations you have summed up AP of today.

1.Yes .I agree that it exists.Somehow down the line we have lost the essential need of poetry.'Give more to get more' still could have been perceived as a wonderful sharing appetite to art and knowledge ,but the extreme mundaneness has taken it away , a lot.

2,3. Don't know but seriously I have seen exceptions.

4.There are some very pertinent points you have made here,except for 'everyone'. lets say there are still some people who write for the sake of art , just because they love poems and reading verses.But definitely there exists many of this category.

5.Would have loved to disagree on this even before a month.But now ,I have seen these things myself.I agree.

6,7.You can not do anything to ANONS. the only solution you have is at 9,10.To discuss it is like being helplessly adding up to the misery.

--We all would have loved a place where we could shred off our plasticity and feel something pure and that used to be AP . Sadly the worldliness has touched and you will have to live with only 'selective absorption' because ,to us ,we are only carrying a shadow ,wherein somewhere lives a creepy creature ,inside someone .That will be cursing all of us under anonymity.

Sashu... said...

so damn true...!

selectively blind, indeed.

Shal said...

pit bull buddy!!!

awesome write

such sharp points gr8 :)

but as u say we all live selectivly blind u c we like ah poetry n we dont like ah poetry :P

Muse said...

Very true Jagadeesh...I agree 100%.
You joined it a year ago, and me a few months back.I am startled to see the way the community is progressing.Selectively blind,hmmm...In fact,I am very reluctant to post my writes there.

Abraham Menacherry said...

I thot of writing 'great' and then read your rule...:D just kidding.

A real nice post. Very candidly put. You must really have put some thought into it to write. Do keep up the great work!

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Hehe...So very true jagadeesh..:)
Point to point Agreement here..!
No wonder, the quality hath trickled down..
Just hoping to get back to those glory days of just sheer poetry 24x7!
God willing..:)

Rukhiya said...

Well, here, Il echo Soumya and these:
# Everyone complains, but the fact is, to a poet, nothing can be a replacement for "Ah, Poetry!".
# Finally (almost) everyone reaches a stage of 'Nirvana', where no one's pranks affect you; drag you into controversies, and you remain 'selectively-blind'.

Totally totally 'The solution'. :)

And yes, I remember how hard it was earlier to pick the best read of the day with so much talent on display! Sigh! And display pic line was too good and the 'friend requests' :D

Though I have been on AP since Jan, I still know what a great place it is, but I am hanging around, selectively blind till the glory days come to stay!YaY!! Hands up to the family!

Winnie the poohi said...

how true!

This happens coz this one one of the most active comm.. which attractys losers!