Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Walking Away

Time has come,
When I am no more a child,
Time whispers,
It is 'time' to make my flight.

I will be parting my home,
Walking away,
Bidding good bye,
And not looking back.

Walking away,
From that jasmine
That bloomed yesterday,
For the first time.

Walking across, a breeze,
That lilts the paddy,
As naughty as ever;
Ruining the hair,
That I had set.

Crossing red mud floors,
Where I took the first steps.
When the little hand
Was holding my father's fingers.

I can feel the tears,
In my mother's eyes-
A good bye-
And I keep walking away,
Not looking back!!


1 comment:

Scribbler said...

Walk on!

keep it rollin;)