Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Madness Called Love

Psychiatry ward
I decided to visit
chaos the place was
filled with laughters
broken with intermittent cries
emotions changing
at the blink of an eye.

There she was
a sweet young lady
sitting at the edge of a bed
indulged in silence.

A table infront of her,
a needle on it
ready to take a bite.

She never looked scared,
ready to accept the pain.
I walked over
and stood by her bedside,
placing my hands
on her shoulders,
the least I could do
to help her out of pain.

She shot back
gave me the needle,
it was only then
I got to know
she was the doc!

Mad, I was in love
love at first sight
cured straight away
thanks to the 'doc'!!!

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