Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The door was ajar
Half open it was.
Twilight shining
On the other side

Waiting for freedom
I was
In my prison cell

I still could see
The red sun
Determined to set
Just beyond my prison walls

Tingeringly warm
Were the evening rays
Painting my celing
With an orange shade.

No one came
To close my prison door
Prisoner to my own body
Was my soul

A freedom so close
At my hand's reach,
Still failing I was
To taste that freedom.

Paralysed below the neck
Counting my living moments
Crying my unshed tears
I was,
Waiting for freedom

A prisoner of self
Fate made me,
For the crimes
I never committed..!!

1 comment:

Dawn....सेहर said...

it took me thru a silent road as if someone telling me the story :)
there is more depth and meaning ....