Monday, August 06, 2007

sa ri ga ma...

I was excited to hear that a Carnatic music class right in my office. Born to a passionate music lover dad and a great singer mom, I had no apprehensions with my singing skills. I was a little petrified that this was the first time I was going to let someone else hear my singing skills.

We few sat in a circle around Guruji. He said, first he have to check the pitch of each one, that he can club students of similar pitch together.

Incidentially, I was the one sitting next to Guruji. He asked me to start with. Shying, I said, I'll sing at the end, thinking that I'll get some time to compare my inborn skills with the rest of the pack.

Take 1:
Guruji: "I'll sing sa re ga ma. Just sing the same way as i do".
First disciple: "Instead can I sing a hindustani song?"
At the nod of Guruji, he sang a song.
Guruji: "you sing so well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Just around for 10 years. Now I want to learn carnatic!"

No, I was not shocked!!

Take 2:
Guruji: "Now you sing as I sing."
Second disciple: "Ok, master."
He sings and she mimicks.
Guruji: "You also sings well. Have you learnt music?"
disciple: "Yes. I have passed junior and senior grade of carnatic too. But I havent been singing for last 7 years or more. So I just wanted to recuperate on things."

Take 3:
Guruji: "Can we start."
Third disciple: "Sure."
After the session
Guruji: "Your shruti is good. You can learn things fast."
disciple: "My daughter sings. So I used to practice with her".
Guruji: "Then it should be good."

The story continues.


Take 10:
Guruji: "Now you'll sing right"?
Me: "No problem".
Guruji: "SAAAA.........."
Me: "saaaa..."

(Note the difference in tone). I could feel an expression on Guruji's face. I have never seen theis look on someone's face, as if they had seen a ghost. Suddenly it went off. He came to normal senses (with an expression, oh lord, let me try again).

Guruji:" RIIIIIIIIIII...."
Me: "riiiiiiiiiiii....."
Guruji: "what did you sing just now?"
Me: "ri saar".
Guruji: "You had to tell me that. I thought it was GA".
Me: "Ohh".

Guruji: "try at a different pitch - Saaaaaa"
Me: "saaaaa... " (same old pitch)
Guruji: "sAAAAAA...."
Me: "saaaaa...."
Guruji: "Well, I'd suggest, you better listen to some songs for a while and come back to me in say a couple of years". (he thought he mite not live so long or something of that sort).
Me: "........."

Class co-ordinator: "So you will be starting the classes next week, right?"
Guruji: "Due to unforseen circumstances, I need a vacation for one month!"
Co-ordinator: "Then when do we start!?"
Guruji: "Beginning of next month".

Me: Oh, man, what a great singer I am. Can some one create a magic better than this?


Nafeesath Shibin said...

Did u really try to Sing????!!!

why jaggu? Why Testing other patience with your (over)confidence!!!!!

Abraham said...

maan! pure torture!! thats what guruji musta felt....:D

Sunitha said...

ha ha ha.. reminds me of the times when I learnt dance and my brother music...As a plus i learnt to read time when the watch was upside down..[reading from the teacher's watch]..

shyamchand said...

hahaha... u shud have better tried the sprinsteen's or the mettallica styles of sa re ga ma.. he wud have become ur disciple... :P hehehe

neha said...

Atleast you tried singing
be it saaaa, instead of SAAA,

i can't pronouce the S of it..