Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Born ignorant
had to learn life.
Learnt the first word
from my mother.
Taught me my first steps,
my father.
And then came the journey
in tears, every day to school..

Learnt a lot
even to get over the tears..
Learnt the words
I am writing with..
Learnt rights and wrongs
and learnt to correct
the from wrongs to rights..

And then a point came
when i had no teachers
left with life
alone to learn!!

Learning never stops
and the first few steps
makes all the difference

And I fold my hands
in courtesy and respect
to all who taught me
and made me what I am!!


oomi said...

friend frankly speaking this is life facing hardships and evey thing

♥busy_writer♥ said...

yess yess!! thank you for writin this poem!! :-)
a truly lovely one.. loved the last 2 stanzas!