Friday, June 08, 2007

flying in a blue sky

Flying so high, I was;
Over this world
Flying so close, I was;
Close to heaven.

I could hear the music,
Of the wordless speech.
pushed beyond the limits
of being myself.

The flight was so smooth,
I could feel the clouds,
Stopping in midair,
Why this sudden jerk!

Dropping down I was,
Like a stone into the river,
Falling asleep..
Into a stupor!!

Thanks to the pain
that made me drink
Thanks to the drink
that made me fly
Thanks to the flight
that got me asleep!!

1 comment:

enigma said...

Man... u got an interesting trend in ur poems..... most of them talk abt sea, flying, falling down...

Must say i liked them.....

A question - Can I tag ur blog into mine ?