Monday, June 25, 2007

a walk to sleep..

tomorrow ill be fed
with the darkness
and they'll push me
into an eternal one

the moment of truth
the second of death
when that rope
will kiss my neck

they asked me
for my last wish
i asked for a feast
with my child

granted the wish
they gave me the time
every bite she took
was the last i had

sitting on my lap
she was so happy
tasting the food
all my hand could feed

feeling so low
she is now sleepy
placing her head
over my chest

out of nowhere
a lullaby came to me
and i started humming
that silent tune

drumming to my rhythm
was my heart
beating the last
couple of its beats

my baby's now asleep
now they'll put me also to sleep
but then there'll be no one
to sing me a lullaby...

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