Friday, June 01, 2007

that first crush of mine..

playing my guitar
I sat on that pavement
waiting for that perfect note
singing that perfect song!

and she passed by me
like a dream
walking into your sleep
in the silence of the night!

Tring, tring..
the first string was broken.

walking carelessly
those loose locks
of hair so blonde
flying all around

Tring, tring..
broke the second string!

those eyes
those dreamy eyes
deeper than ocean
so beautiful they were

A tring again..
sound of third string breaking!

ah, that glance
she gave me
the long awaited one
broke my fourth string!

i never stopped playing
even for the time,
i had to smile at her
plucking my last two strings!

no more trings, i heard
but there was a bang
and a lightning
bang bang!!
the two strings broke
with that guitar..
on my head!!

crying, I wasn't
when i was shadowed
by that big man,
that was her boyfriend!!


sashu said...

oooolalalalaaaaaaa! hehehe! nice one! whatz up mate..all comical romantic writes???? hehe ;) good one!

Dawn....सेहर said...

cool...I hardly see anyone write or express about there 1st crush :)
Good going