Tuesday, November 13, 2007

childhood memories..

My love for red,
love to be in rain,
love to be naughty,

The child in me,
has never died.

Shooting the silly doubts
that no one did answer
Playing in puddles,
filled with laughter..

The child in me,
is still not dead.

Some colours have faded,
some remains as stains.
Like an old abandoned canvas
tarnished by sun and rains.

Like my childhood dream,
I have become..
And my dream to be a child,
I can never be, again!!


1 comment:

manisha said...

d pleasin spectacle 8 once excites,
such recolection of our own delites,
dat,viewin it,v seem almost 2 obtain,
our sweet inocent simple yrs again!!!