Monday, November 26, 2007

random thought

Longed for the star,
and sky said it cant part!

Longed for a rainbow,
and rain drops said,
it is theirs!

Wished for a laugh,
but the clown told,
he owns the jokes!

Almost had a life,
when death said,
I'll take it back from you!

Last, but not the least,
wished to be loved,
when her boyfriend said,
she is, but, his!

To all, just one reply!
These wishes are mine;
pinned to my heart!

And one day,
I'll drench in the rains,
drops sparkling like stars;
Me, laughing out loud,
and dying in my lover's lap!!


1 comment:

manisha said...

dats d name of my blog...:P....ha....m in love wid ur poems!!!..