Wednesday, November 21, 2007

exam season..

Spring season,
my classroom days were!
I, trying to follow
the flower's scents!

Just that the flowers,
were worn by beautiful girls!

Summer comes,
and its time to play
Just that it is called,
study holidays!

Autumn comes,
at the end of holidays;
when falls my hope,
to clear any exam!

Winter arrives,
chilling my thoughts,
seeing the question papers.
How to spend three hours
in that exam hall
fly swatting!

Exams comes and exams go,
Just like the seasons,
they always return;
Just that,
every time for me,
it remains the same paper,
and the same subject!!


1 comment:

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hmm wht an appropriate time to read this.

i didnt really get the last 3 lines.
hmm.. elaborate!!!!