Monday, November 26, 2007


They dance,
to the music,
they dance.

Holding the lamps,
measuring the steps,
they dance.

The timing,
the rhythm,
the feet,
still does the feat!

Just that the dancers,
will never see,
the tears,
that rolled down my cheeks.

They dance,
holding the lamp,
the light that they
never will feel,

They dance!

When the feat is done,
I clap, and I clap again,
'cause, that's all that they will feel
that's all that can cheer
the two dancers,
the bravest I have seen!


Note: This is out of an experience I had over the last weekend. A synchro dance performance, just that both the dancers were visually impaired. The sight dumbstruck me. The rhythm and the synchronization inspired me to every moment, they performed on the stage. These dancers are trained by a trust, who does such a commendable service on similar lines, achieving what we feel almost impossible! The trust's link is this:

1 comment:

manisha said...

it cud hv dumbstrucked ne 1..!!!hats off to such people who inspite of being in such hardships..enjoy d life..n r a motivation to people like us!!! *sigh*